Skippyjon Jones Review


By Jessica Rumschlag, Guest Writer

Part of what makes a great story is the ability to tell it and how enthusiastically it is delivered.  The first time I read the book Skippyjon Jones aloud I fell in love with it!  The basic premise is a Siamese cat who pretends he is a Chihuahua and in his alter ego goes on many adventures.

Judy Schachner writes it in such a way that the reader doesn’t have to be an actor with the skill of language accents to pull off the humor of this great character and all his wildly entertaining day dreams.  Children will not only giggle at the voices, but will enjoy the imaginative story plots of “El Skippito” or as his mother lovingly refers to him, “Mr. Kitten Britches,” from fighting a giant bumblebee to solving ancient Egyptian riddles, traveling to Mars, or perfecting tricky stunts with Cirque de Ole.

The Skippyjon Jones series will have you and your children laughing profusely at the witty humor.

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