AftonStar Valley Branch Library261 Washington83110(307) 886-3159
AlpineAlpine Branch Library243 River Circle83128(307) 654-7323
AltaAlta Branch Library83422(307) 353-2472
BaggsBaggs Library105 2nd Street82321(307) 383-7323
BairoilBairoil Branch Library501 Indian Paintbrush St.82322(307) 328-0239
BasinBig Horn County Library430 W. C Street82410(307) 568-2388
BuffaloJohnson County Library System171 North Adams82834(307) 684-5546
BurnsBurns Branch Library112 Main Street82053(307) 547-2249
CasperNatrona County Library System307 East 2nd82601(307) 237-4935
CentennialCentennial Library Branch27 2nd Street82055(307) 745-8393
CheyenneLaramie County Library System2800 Central Ave82001(307) 634-3561
ChugwaterChugwater Branch Library301 Second Street82210(307) 422-3666
ClearmontSheridan County Public Library – Clearmont1254 Front Street82835(307) 758-4485
CodyPark County Library System1057 Sheridan Ave82414(307) 527-8820
CokevilleCokeville Branch Library240 E. Main83114(307) 279-3213
DeaverDeaver Branch Library180 W First82421(307) 664-2542
DouglasConverse County Library System300 Walnut82633(307) 358-3644
DuboisDubois Branch Library5506 E Main St82515(812) 678-2548
EdgertonMark J. Davis Branch Library935 Cottonwood82635(307) 437-6617
Elk MountainElk Mountain Library105 Bridge Street82324(307) 348-7421
EncampmentEncampment Library202 Rankin Street82325(307) 327-5561
EvanstonUinta County Library System701 Main St82930(307) 789-2770
FarsonFarson Branch Library30 Hwy 2882932(307) 273-9301
FrannieFrannie Branch Library311 4th Street82423(307) 664-2323
GilletteCampbell County Public Library System2101 4-J Road82718(307) 687-0009
GlendoGlendo Branch Library213 Second Street82213(307) 735-4480
GlenrockGlenrock Branch Library518 S. 4th82637(307) 436-2573
GrangerGranger Branch Library60 Spruce Street82934(307) 875-8038
Green RiverSweetwater County Library System300 N. 1st Street82935(307) 875-3615
GreybullGreybull Branch Library325 Greybull Avenue82426(307) 765-2551
GuernseyGuernsey Branch Library108 South Wyoming Avenue82214(307) 836-2816
HannaHanna Library303 3rd Street82327(307) 325-9357
HulettHulett Branch Library401 Sager Street82720(307) 467-5947
HyattvilleHyattville Branch Library119 North Main82426(307) 469-2218
JacksonTeton County Library125 Virginian Lane83001(307) 733-2164
KayceeKaycee Branch Library231 Ritter Ave.82639(307) 738-2473
KemmererLincoln County Library System519 Emerald83101(307) 877-6961
LabargeLabarge Branch Library262 Main Street83123(307) 386-2571
LanderFremont County Library System451 North 2nd St82520(307) 332-5194
LaramieAlbany County Public Library310 South 8th St82070(307) 721-2580
LinchLinch Branch Library236 William Street82640(307) 738-2473
LovellLovell Branch Library300 Oregon Ave.82431(307) 548-7228
LuskNiobrara County Library425 S. Main Street82225(307) 334-3490
LymanLyman Branch Library129 S. Franklin82937(307) 787-6556
Medicine BowMedicine Bow Library302 Sage Street82329(307) 379-8893
MeeteetseMeeteetse Branch Library2107 Idaho Street82433(307) 868-2248
MillsMills Public Library425 Morgan Ave.82644(307) 265-6017
MoorcroftMoorcroft Branch Library105 East Converse82721(307) 756-3232
Mountain ViewMountain View Branch Library322 2nd Street82939(307) 782-3161
NewcastleWeston County Library System23 West Main St82701(307) 746-2206
Pine BluffsPine Bluffs Branch Library110 E. 2nd Street82082(307) 245-3646
PinedaleSublette County Library System155 S Tyler Street82941(307) 367-4114
PineyBig Piney Library106 Fish St.83113(307) 276-3515
PowellPowell Branch Library217 East 3rd Street82435(307) 754-2261
RanchesterSheridan County Public Library – Tongue River145 Coffeen Street82839(307) 655-9726
RawlinsRawlins Library215 West Buffalo82301(307) 328-2618
RelianceReliance Branch Library1329 Main82943(307) 352-6670
RivertonRiverton Branch Library1330 West Park82501(307) 856-3556
Rock RiverRock River Branch Library321 Avenue D82083(307) 378-2386
Rock SpringsRock Springs Branch Library400 C Street82901(307) 352-6667
Rock SpringsWhite Mountain Branch Library2935 Sweetwater Drive82901(307) 362-2665
SaratogaSaratoga Library503 West Elm Street82331(307) 326-8209
SheridanSheridan County Library335 West Alger St82801(307) 674-8585
SinclairSinclair Library7th And Lincoln Hwy82334(307) 324-6231
StorySheridan County Public Library – Story20 N. Piney82842(307) 683-2922
SundanceCrook County Library414 Main Street82729(307) 283-1006
SuperiorSuperior Branch Library3 North Main82945(307) 352-6671
Ten SleepTen Sleep Branch Library401 Fir Street82442(307) 366-2348
ThayneThayne Branch Library250 VanNoy Pkwy83127(307) 883-7323
ThermopolisHot Springs County Library344 Arapahoe Street82443(307) 864-3104
TorringtonGoshen County Library2001 East A St82240(307) 532-3411
UptonUpton Branch Library722 4th Street82730(307) 468-2324
WamsutterWamsutter Branch Library230 Tierney, Lot 4482336(307) 324-9121
WheatlandPlatte County Library System904 9th St82201(307) 322-2689
WorlandWashakie County Library1019 Coburn Ave82401(307) 347-2231
WrightWright Branch Library305 Wright Boulevard82732(307) 464-0500

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