AltaSalt Lake County Library – Alta Reading Room84092(801) 943-4636
American ForkAmerican Fork City Library64 South 100 East84003(801) 763-3070
BeaverBeaver Public Library55 West Center Street84713(435) 438-5274
BicknellJuab County Bookmobile Library79 North 100 West84715(435) 425-3170
BicknellSevier County Bookmobile Library79 North 100 West84715(435) 425-3170
BicknellWayne County Bookmobile Library79 North 100 West84715(435) 425-3170
BlandingSan Juan County Library – Blanding Branch Library25 West 300 South84511(435) 678-2335
BountifulDavis County Library – South Branch (Bountiful)725 S Main St.84010(801) 295-8732
Brigham CityBrigham City Library26 East Forest Street84302(435) 723-5850
Castle DaleEmery County Library – Castle Dale Branch115 North 100 East84513(435) 381-2554
Cedar CityCedar City Public Library303 North 100 East84721(435) 586-6661
CentervilleDavis County Library – Centerville Branch45 S. 400 W.84014(801) 294-4054
ClearfieldDavis County Library – North Branch (Clearfield)562 S 1000 E84015(801) 825-6662
ClevelandEmery County Library – Cleveland Branch45 West Main(435) 653-2204
CoalvilleSummit County Library – Coalville Branch Library10 North Main84017(435) 336-3070
DeltaDelta City Library76 North 200 West84624(435) 864-4945
DeltaMillard County Bookmobile Library90 North 200 West84624(435) 864-2292
DraperSalt Lake County Library – Draper Library1136 East Pioneer Rd84020(801) 943-4636
DuchesneDaggett County Bookmobile Library130 South Center Street, Suite A84021(435) 738-2628
DuchesneDuchesne County Library – Duchesne Branch Library130 S Center Street84021(435) 738-2800
Eagle MountainEagle Mountain Public Library1650 E. Stagecoach Run84005(801) 789-6623
East MillcreekSalt Lake County Library – East Millcreek Library2250 Evergreen Avenue(801) 943-4636
ElmoEmery County Library – Elmo Branch15 South 100 East84521(435) 653-2558
EmeryEmery County Library – Emery Branch100 North Center84522(435) 286-2474
EnochIron County Bookmobile Library4763 North Santa Fe Trail84721(435) 586-6715
EnterpriseWashington County Library – Enterprise Branch393 South 200 East84725(435) 878-2574
EphraimEphraim Public Library30 South Main Street84627(435) 283-4544
FairviewSanpete County Bookmobile Library75 South State Street84629(435) 427-9305
FarmingtonDavis County Library – Headquarters (Farmington)38 South 100 East84025(801) 451-2322
FerronEmery County Library – Ferron Branch55 North 200 West84523(435) 384-2637
FillmorePresident Millard Fillmore Library25 South 100 West84631(435) 743-5314
GarlandGarland Public Library86 West Factory Rd84312(435) 257-3117
GrantsvilleTooele County Bookmobile Library429 East Main Street84029(435) 884-3703
Green RiverEmery County Library – Green River Branch85 South Long St.84525(435) 564-3349
GunnisonGunnison Civic Library38 West Center Street84634(435) 528-3104
Heber CityWasatch County Library465 East 1200 South84032(435) 654-1511
HelperHelper City Library19 South Main Street84526(435) 472-5601
HerrimanSalt Lake County Library – Herriman Library5380 West Herriman Main Street84096(801) 943-4636
HuntingtonEmery County Library – Huntington Branch92 South Main84528(435) 687-9590
HuntsvilleWeber County Library – Ogden Valley Branch131 S 7400 E84317(801) 337-2660
HurricaneWashington County Library – Hurricane Branch36 South 300 West84737(435) 635-4621
HyrumHyrum Library50 West Main Street84319(435) 245-6411
KamasSummit County Library – Kamas Branch Library110 N. Main St84036(435) 783-4351
KanabKanab City Library374 North Main Street84741(435) 644-2394
KaysvilleDavis County Library – Kaysville Branch44 North Main84037(801) 544-2826
KearnsSalt Lake County Library – Kearns Library5350 South 4220 West84118(801) 943-4636
LaytonDavis County Library – Central Branch (Layton)155 N. Wasatch Dr.84041(801) 547-0729
LehiLehi City Public Library120 North Center Street84043(801) 768-7150
LewistonLewiston Public Library33 South Main Street84320(435) 258-5515
LoganLogan Library255 North Main Street84321(435) 716-9123
MagnaSalt Lake County Library – Magna Library2675 South, 8950 West84044(801) 943-4636
MantiManti City Library02 South Main Street84642(435) 835-2201
MapletonUtah County Bookmobile Library125 West 400 North84664(801) 489-4833
MidvaleSalt Lake County Library – Ruth Vine Tyler Library8041 S. Wood Street(55 W)84047(801) 943-4636
MilfordMilford Public Library400 South 100 West84751(435) 387-5039
MinersvilleMinersville Public Library40 West Main Street84752(435) 386-2267
MoabGrand County Public Library257 East Center St84532(435) 259-5421
MonroeMonroe Public Library55 North Main Street84754(435) 527-4019
MonticelloSan Juan County Bookmobile Library835 E Highway 66684535(435) 587-2335
MonticelloSan Juan County Library – Monticello Branch Library80 N Main84535(435) 587-2281
MorganMorgan County Library50 North 100 West84050(801) 829-3481
Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant Public Library24 East Main Street84647(435) 462-3240
MurrayMurray Public Library166 East 5300 South84107(801) 264-2574
NephiNephi Public Library21 East 100 North84648(435) 623-1312
New HarmonyWashington County Library – New Harmony Branch34 South 2900 East84757(435) 867-0065
NewtonNewton Town Library51 South Center Street84327(435) 563-9283
North LoganNorth Logan City Library475 East 2500 North84341(435) 755-7169
OgdenWeber County Library2464 Jefferson Avenue84401(801) 337-2617
OgdenWeber County Library – Law Library2464 Jefferson Ave.84401(801) 337-2645
OgdenWeber County Library – North Branch475 E 2600 N84414(801) 337-2650
OgdenWeber County Library – Pleasant Valley Branch5568 S Adams Ave.84405(801) 337-2690
OrangevilleEmery County Library – Orangeville Branch125 South Main84537(435) 748-2726
OremOrem Public Library58 North State Street84057(801) 229-7050
PanguitchGarfield County-Panguitch City Library25 South 200 East84759(435) 676-2431
PanguitchKane County Bookmobile Library25 South 200 East84759(435) 676-2431
PanguitchPiute County Bookmobile Library25 South 200 East84759(435) 676-2431
Park CityPark City Library1255 Park Avenue84060(435) 615-5600
Park CitySummit County Library6505 North Landmark Drive 10084098(435) 615-3902
ParowanParowan Public Library16 South Main Street84761(435) 477-3491
PaysonPayson City Library66 South Main Street84651(801) 465-5220
Pleasant GrovePleasant Grove Public Library30 East Center Street84062(801) 785-3950
PricePrice City Library159 East Main Street84501(435) 636-3188
ProvidenceCache County Bookmobile Library15 North Main Street84332(435) 752-7881
ProvoProvo City Library550 North University Avenue84601(801) 852-6651
RandolphRich County Bookmobile Library5 North Main Street84064(435) 793-2122
RichfieldRichfield Public Library83 East Center Street84701(435) 896-5169
RichmondRichmond Public Library38 West Main Street84333(435) 258-5525
RivertonSalt Lake County Library – Riverton Library12877 South 1830 West84065(801) 943-4636
RooseveltDuchesne County Library – Roosevelt Branch Library70 W Lagoon84066(435) 722-4441
RoyWeber County Library – Southwest Branch1950 W 4800 S84067(801) 337-2670
SalemSalem City Library59 S. Main Street84653(801) 423-2622
SalinaSalina Public Library90 West Main Street84654(435) 529-7753
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library210 East 400 South84111(801) 524-8200
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library – Anderson-Foothill1135 South 2100 East84108(801) 594-8611
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library – Chapman577 South 900 West84104(801) 594-8623
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library – Corinne And Jack Sweet455 F Street (9th Avenue)84103(801) 594-8651
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library – Day-Riverside1575 West 1000 North84116(801) 594-8632
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library – Sprague2131 South 1100 East84106(801) 594-8640
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County Library – Calvin S. Smith Library810 East 3300 South84106(801) 943-4636
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County Library – Holladay Library2150 East Murray-Holladay Rd84117(801) 943-4636
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County Library – Whitmore Library2197 East Fort Union Boulevard84121(801) 943-4636
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County Library System2197 East Fort Union Blvd.84121(801) 943-4636
SandySalt Lake County Library – Sandy Library10100 South Petunia Way84092(801) 943-4636
SantaquinSantaquin City Library20 West 100 South84655(801) 754-3030
Saratoga SpringsCity of Saratoga Spring Library1307 N. Commerce Dr.84045(801) 766-6513
SmithfieldSmithfield Library25 North Main Street84335(435) 563-3555
South JordanSalt Lake County Library – South Jordan Library10673 South Redwood Road84095(801) 943-4636
South Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County Library – Columbus Library2530 South 500 East84106(801) 943-4636
Spanish ForkSpanish Fork Public Library49 South Main Street84660(801) 804-4480
SpringdaleWashington County Library – Springdale Branch126 Lion Blvd.84767(435) 772-3676
SpringvilleSpringville Public Library50 South Main Street84663(801) 489-2720
St. GeorgeWashington County Library – Santa Clara Branch1099 North Lava Flow Drive84770(435) 986-0432
St. GeorgeWashington County Library – St. George Main Branch88 West 100 South84770(435) 634-5737
SyracuseDavis County Library – Northwest Branch (Syracuse)1875 South 2000 West84075(801) 825-7080
TaylorsvilleSalt Lake County Library – Taylorsville Library4870 South 2700 West84118(801) 943-4636
TooeleTooele City Public Library128 West Vine Street84074(435) 882-2182
TremontonTremonton City Library210 North Tremont Street84337(435) 257-2690
VernalUintah County Library204 East 100 North84078(435) 789-0091
WashingtonWashington County Library – Washington Branch220 N 300 E84780(435) 627-2706
WellingtonCarbon County Bookmobile Library150 West Main Street (Rear)84542(435) 637-0638
West JordanSalt Lake County Library – Bingham Creek Library4834 West 9000 South84081(801) 943-4636
West JordanSalt Lake County Library – West Jordan Library1970 West 7800 South84084(801) 943-4636
West Valley CitySalt Lake County Library – Hunter Library4740 West 4100 South84120(801) 943-4636
West Valley CitySalt Lake County Library – West Valley Library2880 West 3650 South84119(801) 943-4636
WillardBox Elder County Bookmobile Library80 West 50 South84340(435) 723-2261

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