AberdeenAlexander Mitchell Library519 South Kline Street57401(605) 626-7997
AlcesterAlcester Public Library500 Dakota57001(605) 934-2601
AlexandriaAlexandria Public Library421 Main St57311(605) 239-4549
ArlingtonArlington Community Library306 S. Main Street57212(605) 983-5241
ArmourArmour-Carnegie Public Library915 Main St57313(605) 724-2743
AvonAvon Public Library116 N. Main Street57315(605) 286-3760
BalticBaltic Branch Librarypo box 326(605) 529-5415
Belle FourcheBelle Fourche Public Library905 5th Ave57717(605) 892-4407
BeresfordBeresford Public Library115 South Third Street57004(605) 763-2782
Big Stone CityGrant County Mini Library655 Walnut St(605) 862-8113
BisonBison Public Library300 W Carr St57620(605) 244-7252
BonesteelBonesteel Public Library502 Central Ave57317
BowdleReverend Martin Bieber Public Lib1075 3rd Ave N.57428(605) 285-6464
BrandonBrandon Branch Library305 S Splitrock Blvd(605) 582-2390
BristolBristol Community-School Library500 South Third Street(605) 492-3413
BrittonBritton Public Library759 7th St57430(605) 448-2800
BrookingsBrookings Public Library515 Third Street57006(605) 692-9407
BuffaloNorthwest Regional Library410 Ramsland St57720(605) 375-3835
BurkeBurke Public Library704 Main57523(605) 775-2373
CanovaCanova Public Library111 W Main57321
CantonCanton Public Library225 N Broadway57013(605) 987-5831
CarthageCarthage Public Library110 Main St.57323(605) 772-4435
CastlewoodCastlewood Public Librarypo box 13757223
CentervilleCenterville Community Library421 Florida57014(605) 563-2540
ChamberlainCozard Memorial Library110 E Lawler Ave57325(605) 234-4414
ChesterDelker Memorial Library400 4th St57016
ClarkEmil M Larson Library120 N Commercial57225(605) 532-5571
Clear LakeClear Lake City Library125 3rd Ave S57226(605) 874-2013
ColmanColman Branch Librarypo box 18
ColomeColome Branch Librarypo box 285
ColtonColton Branch Librarypo box 338(605) 446-3519
CorsicaPriscilla Club Library335 E Main St57328
CrooksCrooks Branch900 N West Ave(606) 543-5296
CusterCuster County Library447 Crook Street Suite 457730(605) 673-4803
De SmetHazel L Meyer Memorial Library114 1st Street57231(605) 854-3842
DeadwoodDeadwood Public Library435 Williams St57732(605) 578-2821
Dell RapidsDell Rapids Carnegie Public Library513 N Orleans57022(605) 428-3280
DelmontOpera Block Library57330
DolandDoland Community Library204 Humphrey Dr N57436(605) 635-6241
Eagle ButteDakota Club Library219 Main57625(605) 964-7661
EdgemontEdgemont Public Library412 2nd Ave57735(605) 662-7712
Elk PointElk Point-Jefferson Community-School Li402 S Douglas57025(605) 356-5941
ElktonElkton Community Library508 Buffalo St57026(605) 542-4591
Ellsworth AfbHolbrook Library2650 Doolittle Drive57706(605) 385-1686
ErwinErwin Public Library
EstellineEstelline Public Library115 Main St N(605) 873-2721
EurekaKathryn Schulkoski Public Library613 7th St57437(605) 284-2863
FaithFaith Public Library204 W Fifth St57626(605) 967-2262
FaulktonFaulk County Library810 Court St57438(605) 598-6236
FlandreauMoody County Resource Center610 West Community Drive57028(605) 997-3326
FrederickEmma Burnham Public Library403 Main St57441(605) 329-2241
FreemanFreeman Public Library322 S Main St57029(605) 925-7003
GarretsonGarretson Branch Librarypo drawer n(605) 594-6619
GaryGary Public Library1113 Summit Street57237(605) 272-5651
GettysburgPotter County Free Library106 E Commercial Ave57442(605) 765-9518
GregoryGregory Public Library112 East Fifth Street57533(605) 835-8531
GrotonWage Memorial Library120 N. Main Street57445(605) 397-8422
HarrisburgHarrisburg Community Library600 S Cliff Ave57032(605) 743-2567
HartfordHartford Branch Library705 East 2nd(605) 528-3223
HeclaHecla Public Library206 Main Street57446(605) 994-2333
HighmoreHyde County Library107 Commercial Ave Se57345(605) 852-2514
Hill CityHill City Community Library488 Main St57745(605) 574-4529
Hot SpringsHot Springs Public Library2005 Library Drive57747(605) 745-3151
HowardHoward Public Library103 E Farmer Ave57349(605) 772-4761
HudsonHudson Public Library316 Wheelock57034(605) 984-2179
HumboldtHumboldt Branch Library3rd And Main(605) 363-3361
HurleyHurley Public Library603 Center Ave57036(605) 238-5680
HuronHuron Public Library521 Dakota Ave South57350(605) 353-8530
InteriorInterior Branch Librarypo box 24(605) 433-5768
IpswichM P Beebe Memorial Library120 Main57451(605) 426-6707
IreneIrene School-Community Library130 E State St57037(605) 263-3311
IsabelIsabel Branch Librarypo box 42
JavaJava Public Librarypo box 6757452(605) 649-6226
KadokaJackson County Librarypo box 36857543(605) 837-2689
KennebecKennebec Public Library203 S Main57544(605) 869-2207
KeystoneKeystone Town Library1101 Madill St57751(605) 666-4499
KimballKimball Public Library140 N Main Suite 10457355(605) 778-6690
KyleOglala Lakota College Library Resource Center3-Mile Creek Road57752(605) 455-6064
Lake AndesLake Andes Carnegie Library5th And Main57356(605) 487-7524
Lake PrestonLake Preston City Library225 N Main Ave57249(605) 847-4843
LangfordLangford Public Library306 Main St57454(605) 493-6690
LeadPhoebe Apperson Hearst Free Library315 W Main57754(605) 584-2013
LemmonLemmon Public Library303 1st Ave W57638(605) 374-5611
LennoxAshley Memorial City Library100 N Main(605) 647-2286
LennoxLennox Community Library208 W. 5th57039(605) 647-2203
LeolaLeola Public Library802 Main St57456(605) 439-3383
Long ValleyLong Valley Branch Library26840 Sd Highway 73(605) 462-6259
MadisonMadison Public Library209 East Center57042(605) 256-7525
MartinBennett County Library101 Main Street57551(605) 685-6556
MartyIhanktonwan Community-College Library200 S Main57361(605) 384-3997
MclaughlinMclaughlin Public Library324a Main St57642(605) 823-4590
MennoMenno Community-School Library414 5th Street57045(605) 387-5161
Midland SdMidland Community Library401 Russell St57552(605) 843-2158
MilbankGrant County Public Library207 E Park Ave57252(605) 432-6543
MillerHand County Library402 North Broadway57362(605) 853-3693
MissionSinte Gleska University Libraryp.o. box 10757555(605) 856-2355
MitchellMitchell Public Library221 N Duff Street57301(605) 995-8480
MobridgeA H Brown Public Library521 N Main Street57601(605) 845-2808
Mt VernonMt Vernon Public Library500 N Main57363(605) 236-5207
NewellNewell Public Library208 Girard57760(605) 456-2179
North Sioux CityNorth Sioux City Community Library504 River Drive57049(605) 422-2366
OnidaSully Area Library500 8th Street57564(605) 258-2133
ParkerParker Public Library115 N Main57053(605) 297-5552
ParkstonParkston Public Library110 W Main St57366(605) 928-7906
PhilipHaakon County Public Library140 S Howard57567(605) 859-2442
PierreR E Rawlins Municipal Library1000 E Church St57501(605) 773-7421
PlankintonPlankinton City Library404 E Davenport57368(605) 942-7600
PlattePlatte Public Library304 S Main57369(605) 337-9869
PreshoPresho Public Library108 Main57568(605) 895-2443
Rapid CityRapid City Public Library610 Quincy Street57701(605) 394-6139
RedfieldRedfield Carnegie Library5 East 5th Avenue57469(605) 472-4555
RevilloGrant County Mini Librarypo box 37
SalemMccook Central Hs Salem Public Library200 E Essex57058(605) 425-2264
ScotlandScotland Community Library711 4th St57059(605) 583-2340
SelbySelby Community-School Library108 East Dakota Street57472(605) 649-6307
Sioux FallsCaille Branch Library4100 Carnegie Cir(605) 367-7686
Sioux FallsOak View Branch Library3700 E 3rd St(605) 367-8060
Sioux FallsRonning Branch Library3100 E 49th St(605) 367-4607
Sioux FallsSiouxland Libraries201 North Dakota Ave57117(605) 367-8700
SissetonSisseton Memorial Library305 E Maple St57262(605) 698-7391
SissetonSisseton Wahpeton Community Collegepo box 68957262(605) 698-3966
SpearfishGrace Balloch Memorial Library625 North Fifth Street57783(605) 642-1330
SpencerHanson-Mccook Regional Library306 Main Street57374(605) 246-2740
SpringfieldEvelyn Lang Public Library605 8th St57062
StockholmGrant County Mini Library103 W Johnson Ave(605) 676-2460
StrandbergGrant County Mini Library
SturgisSturgis Public Library1040 2nd Street, Suite 157785(605) 347-2624
TeaTea Area Ms-Hscommunity Library500 W Brian57064(605) 498-0281
Timber LakeDewey County Library712 Main57656(605) 865-3541
TrippTripp Public Library102 E 2nd St57376(605) 935-6222
TyndallTyndall Public Library110 W 17th Ave57066(605) 589-3266
Valley SpringsValley Springs Branch Library401 Broadway Ave(605) 757-6264
VermillionVermillion Public Library18 Church Street57069(605) 677-7060
ViborgViborg Public Library110 N Main57070(605) 326-5481
WagnerWagner Public Library106 Sheridan Ave57380(605) 384-5248
WakondaWakonda Community Library202 Nebraska St57073(605) 267-2644
WallWall Community Library407 Main St57790(605) 279-2929
WatertownHamlin Codington Regional Library912 8th St Se57201(605) 753-1011
WatertownWatertown Regional Library160 6th St Ne57201(605) 882-6220
WaubayWaubay Public Library94 North Main St57273(605) 947-4748
WebsterWebster Public Library800 Main Street57274(605) 345-3263
WessingtonWessington Public Library240 Wessington St57381(605) 458-2596
Wessington SpringsWessington Springs Carnegie Library109 West Main57382(605) 539-1803
WhiteDeubrook Community Library100 School Ave57276(605) 629-1125
White LakeWhite Lake Community Library111 Main St57383(605) 249-2301
WhitewoodWhitewood Public Library1201 Ash St57793(605) 269-2616
WilmotWilmot Public Library123 Main57279(605) 938-5698
WinnerTripp County Library – Grossenburg Memorial442 Monroe Street57580(605) 842-0330
WoonsocketWoonsocket Community Library101 N 2nd57385(605) 796-1412
YanktonYankton Community Library515 Walnut57078(605) 668-5276

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