AdamsCarnegie Regional Library503 Briggs Ave., Adams, Nd 58210(701) 352-2754
AshleyAshley Public Library113 First Avenue Nw58413(701) 288-3510
BeachGolden Valley County Library54 Central Avenue58621(701) 872-4627
BeulahBeulah Public Library116 Central Avenue N58523(701) 873-2884
BismarckBismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library515 N 5th Street58501(701) 355-1480
BottineauBottineau County Library314 West 5th Street58318(701) 228-2967
BowmanBowman Regional Public Library18 Divide Street East58623(701) 523-3797
BuffaloMargaret Fraase Public Library204 Wilcox Ave N58011(701) 633-6315
CandoCando Community Library523 Main58324(701) 968-4549
CarringtonCarrington City Library55 Ninth Ave S58421(701) 652-3921
CasseltonCasselton Public Library702 1st Street North58012(701) 347-4861
CavalierCavalier Public Library106 West 2nd Ave South58220(701) 265-4746
CooperstownGriggs County Library902 Burrel Ave Se58425(701) 797-2214
CrosbyDivide County Public Library204 First Street Ne58730(701) 965-6305
Devils LakeLake Region Public Library423 7th Street Ne58301(701) 662-2220
DickinsonDickinson Public Library139 Third Street West58601(701) 456-7700
DrakeDrake Public Library5th Avenue Main Street, Drake, Nd 58736(701) 465-3686
Dunn Center NdDunn Center Public Library150 2nd Street West58626(701) 548-8400
EdgeleyEdgeley Public Library530 Main Street58433(701) 493-2769
EdgeleySouth Central Area Library530 Main Street58433(701) 493-2769
EllendaleEllendale Public Library67 1st Ave. South58436(701) 349-3852
EnderlinEnderlin Municipal Library303 Railway Street58027(701) 437-2953
FargoFargo Public Library102 North 3rd Street58102(701) 241-1493
FargoNorthport Library2714 Broadway, Fargo, Nd 58102(701) 476-4026
FargoSouthpointe Library3051 25th St S, Fargo, Nd 58103(701) 476-4040
FlasherFlasher Public Library104 5th Avenue East58535(701) 597-3127
FormanForman Public Library347 Main Street58032(701) 724-4032
Fort YatesSioux County Library300 Second Ave58538(701) 854-3481
GackleGackle Public Library302 Main58442(701) 485-3374
GarrisonGarrison Public Library32 South Main Street58540(701) 463-7336
GoodrichGoodrich Public Library122 Mckinley Ave., Goodrich, Nd 58444(701) 884-2632
GraftonCarnegie Regional Library49 West 7th Street58237(701) 352-2754
GraftonCarnegie Regional Library7th Griggs, Grafton, Nd 58237(701) 352-2754
Grand ForksGrand Forks Public Library2110 Library Circle58206(701) 772-8116
HankinsonHankinson Public Library315 Main Avenue S58041(701) 242-7929
HarveyHarvey Public Library119 East Tenth Street58341(701) 324-2156
HattonHatton School Public Library503 4th Street, Hatton, Nd 58240(701) 543-3455
HazenHazen Public Library203 East Main58545(701) 748-2977
HebronHebron Public Library606 Lincoln Avenue58638(701) 878-4110
HettingerAdams County Library103 N 6th Street58639(701) 567-2741
JamestownAlfred Dickey Public Library105 Third Street Se58401(701) 252-2990
JamestownStutsman County Library910 Fifth Street Se58401(701) 252-1531
KenmareWard County Public Library5 Ne 3rd, Kenmare, Nd 58746(701) 385-4232
KilldeerKilldeer Public Library101 High Street Nw58640(701) 764-5877
KindredKindred Public Library330 Elm Street58051(701) 428-3456
LakotaLakota City Library116 West B Avenue58344(701) 247-2543
LamoureLamoure Public School Library105 3rd Ave Se58458(701) 883-5396
LangdonCavalier County Library600 Fifth Avenue58249(701) 256-5353
LarimoreEdna Ralston Public Library116 1-2 Towner Avenue58251(701) 343-2181
LeedsLeeds Public Library221 Main Street West58346(701) 466-2930
LeonardWatts Free Library101 Third Street North58052(701) 645-2453
LidgerwoodLidgerwood City Library15 Wiley Ave N58053(701) 538-4669
LintonHarry L. Petrie Public Library101 Ne First58552(701) 254-4737
LisbonLisbon Public Library409 Forest Street58054(701) 683-5174
MaddockMaddock Community Library2nd Dakota58348(701) 438-2252
MandanMandan Public Library108 First Street Nw, Mandan, Nd 58554(701) 667-3256
MandanMorton Mandan Public Library609 W. Main St.58554(701) 667-5365
MaxMax Community Library215 Main Street58759(701) 679-2263
MayvilleMayville Public Library52 Center Avenue North58257(701) 788-3388
MichiganCarnegie Regional Library105 1st Street East, Michigan, Nd 58259(701) 259-2122
MilnorSatre Memorial Library528 5th Street58060(701) 427-5295
MinnewaukanMinnewaukan Public Library170 Main Street East58351(701) 473-5735
MinotMinot Public Library516 2nd Ave Sw58701(701) 852-1045
MinotWard County Public Library405 Third Avenue Se58701(701) 852-5388
MohallMohall Public Library115 Main Street West58761(701) 756-7242
MottMott Public Library202 E Third Street58646(701) 824-2163
New EnglandNew England Public Library726 Mckenzie Avenue58647(701) 579-4223
New RockfordNew Rockford Public Library10 8th Street N.58356(701) 947-5540
New TownNew Town Public Library103 Main Sooline Place58763(701) 627-4812
OakesOakes School Public Library804 Main Avenue58474(701) 742-3234
Park RiverPark River School Public Library605 6th Sreet W58270(701) 284-6116
ParshallParshall Public Library114 4th Ave Ne58770(701) 862-3775
PembinaPembina School City Library155 South Third Street58271(701) 825-6217
ReederAdams County Library(701) 853-2579
RiverdaleMclean-Mercer Regional Library216 Second St.58565(701) 654-7652
RoletteRolette Public Library1015 1st Avenue58366(701) 246-3849
RollaRolla Public Library14 First Street Se58367(701) 477-3849
RugbyHeart Of America Library201 W Third Street58368(701) 776-6223
StanleyLinson Memorial Library206 South Main58784(701) 628-2225
StantonStanton Public Library312 Harmon Ave58571(701) 745-3235
SteeleKidder County Public Library115 West Broadway58482(701) 475-2855
TiogaWilliston Community Library210 N Main St., Tioga, Nd 58801(701) 774-8805
Turtle LakeTurtle Lake Public Library107 Eggert Street58575(701) 448-9170
UnderwoodUnderwood Public Library88 Lincoln Ave58576(701) 442-3441
Valley CityValley City Barnes County Public Library410 North Central Avenue58072(701) 845-3821
VelvaVelva Public School Library101 West 4th Street58790(701) 338-2022
WahpetonLeach Public Library417 2nd Ave N58075(701) 642-5732
WalhallaWalhalla Public Library1010 Central Ave58282(701) 549-3794
WashburnWashburn Public Library705 Main Ave58577(701) 462-8180
Watford CityMckenzie County Public Library112 Second Avenue Ne58854(701) 444-3785
West FargoWest Fargo Public Library109 Third Street East58078(701) 433-5460
WillistonWilliston Community Library1302 Davidson Drive58801(701) 774-8805
WishekWishek School Public Library100 Badger Street S58495(701) 452-2995

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