AbingtonAbington Public Library600 Gliniewicz Way02351(781) 982-2139
ActonActon Memorial Library486 Main St.01720(978) 264-9641
ActonW. Acton Citizens Library21 Windsor Ave.01720(978) 264-9652
AcushnetAcushnet Public Library232 Middle Road02743(508) 998-0270
AdamsAdams Free Library92 Park St.01220(413) 743-8345
AgawamAgawam Public Library750 Cooper Street01001(413) 789-1550
AlfordAlford Free Public Library5 Alford Center Road01230(413) 528-4536
AllstonHonan-Allston Branch300 North Harvard St.(617) 787-6313
AmesburyAmesbury Public Library149 Main St.01913(978) 388-8148
AmherstJones Library, Inc.43 Amity Street01002(413) 259-3090
AmherstMunson Memorial Library1046 South East Street(413) 256-4095
AmherstNorth Amherst Library8 Montague Road(413) 256-4099
AndoverMemorial Hall Library01810(978) 623-8401
AquinnahAquinnah Public Library1 Church St.02535(508) 645-2314
ArlingtonEdith M. Fox Library175 Massachusetts Avenue(781) 316-3198
ArlingtonRobbins Library700 Massachusetts Avenue02476(781) 316-3200
AshburnhamStevens Memorial Library20 Memorial Drive01430(978) 827-4115
AshbyAshby Free Public Library812 Main Street01431(978) 386-5377
AshfieldBelding Memorial Library244 Main St.01330(413) 628-4414
AshlandAshland Public Library66 Front St.01721(508) 881-0134
AssonetGuilford H. Hathaway Library6 North Main Street(508) 644-2385
AtholAthol Public Library568 Main St.01331(978) 249-9515
AttleboroAttleboro Public Library74 North Main Street02703(508) 222-0157
AuburnAuburn Free Public Library369 Southbridge St.01501(508) 832-7790
AuburndaleAuburndale Branch Library375 Auburn Street(617) 552-7158
AvonAvon Public Library280 West Main St.02322(508) 583-0378
AyerAyer Public Library26 East Main St.01432(978) 772-8250
BarnstableSturgis Library3090 Main St.02630(508) 362-6636
BarreWoods Memorial Library19 Pleasant St.01005(978) 355-2533
BecketBecket Athenaeum, Inc.3367 Main Street, Route 801223(413) 623-5483
BedfordBedford Free Public Library7 Mudge Way01730(781) 275-9440
BelchertownClapp Memorial Library19 S. Main St.01007(413) 323-0417
BellinghamBellingham Public Library100 Blackstone Street02019(508) 966-1660
BelmontBelmont Public Library336 Concord Ave.02478(617) 489-2000
BelmontBenton Branch Library75 Oakley Road(617) 489-2000
BelmontWaverly Branch Library445 Trapelo Road(617) 489-2000
BerkleyBerkley Public Library3 North Main Street02779(508) 822-3329
BerlinBerlin Public Library23 Carter Street01503(978) 838-2812
BernardstonCushman Library28 Church St.01337(413) 648-5402
BeverlyBeverly Farms Branch Library24 Vine Street(978) 921-6066
BeverlyBeverly Public Library32 Essex St.01915(978) 921-6062
BillericaBillerica Public Library15 Concord Rd.01821(978) 671-0948
BlackstoneBlackstone Free Public Library86 Main St.01504(508) 883-1931
BlandfordPorter Memorial Library87 Main Street01008(413) 848-2853
BoltonBolton Public Library738 Main St.01740(978) 779-2839
BostonBoston Public Library700 Boylston Street02116(617) 536-5400
BostonKirstein Business Branch20 City Hall Avenue(617) 523-0860
BostonNorth End Branch Library25 Parmenter Street(617) 227-8135
BostonSouth End Branch Library685 Tremont Street(617) 536-8241
BostonWest End Branch Library151 Cambridge Street(617) 523-3957
BourneJonathan Bourne Public Library19 Sandwich Road02532(508) 759-0644
BoxboroughSargent Memorial Library427 Mass. Ave.01719(978) 263-4680
BoxfordBoxford Town Library10 Elm St.01921(978) 887-7323
BoxfordWest Boxford Library188 Washington Street(978) 352-7323
BoylstonBoylston Public Library695 Main St.01505(508) 869-2371
BraintreeThayer Public Library798 Washington Street02184(781) 848-0405
BrewsterBrewster Ladies Library Assoc.1822 Main Street02631(508) 896-3913
BridgewaterBridgewater Public Library15 South St.02324(508) 697-3331
BrightonBrighton Branch Library40 Academy Hill Road(617) 782-6032
BrightonFaneuil Branch Library419 Faneuil Street(617) 782-6705
BrimfieldBrimfield Public Libraryp.o. box 37701010(413) 245-3518
BrocktonBrockton Public Library System304 Main St.02301(508) 580-7890
BrocktonEast Branch Library54 Kingman Street(508) 580-7892
BrocktonWest Branch Library540 Forest Avenue(508) 580-7894
BrookfieldMerrick Public Library2 Lincoln Street01506(508) 867-6339
BrooklineBrookline Public Library361 Washington St.02445(617) 730-2370
BrooklineCoolidge Corner Branch Library31 Pleasant Street(617) 730-2380
BucklandBuckland Public Library30 Upper St.01338(413) 625-9412
BurlingtonBurlington Public Library22 Sears Street01803(781) 270-1690
ByfieldNewbury Town Library01922(978) 465-0539
CambridgeCambridge Public Library449 Broadway02139(617) 349-4040
CambridgeCambridge Public Library – Boudreau245 Concord Avenue02139(617) 349-4017
CambridgeCambridge Public Library – Central Square45 Pearl Street02139(617) 349-4010
CambridgeCambridge Public Library – Collins64 Aberdeen Avenue02138(617) 349-4021
CambridgeCambridge Public Library – Oconnell48 Sixth Street02141(617) 349-4019
CambridgeCambridge Public Library – Oneill70 Rindge Avenue02140(617) 349-4023
CambridgeCambridge Public Library – Valente826 Cambridge Street02141(617) 349-4015
CantonCanton Public Library786 Washington St.02021(781) 821-5027
CarlisleGleason Public Library22 Bedford Road01741(978) 369-4898
CarverCarver Public Library2 Meadowbrook Way02330(508) 866-3415
CentervilleCenterville Public Library585 Main St.02632(508) 790-6220
CharlemontTyler Memorial Libraryp. o. box 51801339(413) 339-4335
CharltonCharlton Public Library40 Main St.01507(508) 248-0452
ChathamEldredge Public Library564 Main St.02633(508) 945-5170
ChelmsfordChelmsford Public Library25 Boston Rd.01824(978) 256-5521
ChelseaChelsea Public Library569 Broadway02150(617) 889-8399
CheshireCheshire Public Library23 Depot Street01225(413) 743-4746
ChesterHamilton Memorial Library195 Route 2001011(413) 354-7808
ChesterfieldChesterfield Public Library408 Main Road01012(413) 296-4735
Chestnut HillPutterham Branch Library959 West Roxbury Parkway(617) 730-2385
ChicopeeAldenville Branch Library527 Grattan Street(413) 532-4248
ChicopeeChicopee Falls Branch Library216 Broadway(413) 592-1820
ChicopeeChicopee Public Library449 Front St.01013(413) 594-1800
ChicopeeFairview Branch Library373 Britton Street(413) 533-8218
ChilmarkChilmark Free Public Library522 South Rd.02535(508) 645-3360
ClarksburgClarksburg Town Library711 West Cross Road01247(413) 664-6050
ClintonBigelow Free Public Library54 Walnut St.01510(978) 365-4160
CohassetPaul Pratt Memorial Library35 Ripley Rd.02025(781) 383-1348
ColrainGriswold Memorial Library14 Main Rd.01340(413) 624-3619
ConcordConcord Free Public Library129 Main Street01742(978) 318-3300
ConcordLoring N. Fowler Library1322 Main Street(978) 318-3350
ConwayField Memorial Library1 Elm St.01341(413) 369-4646
CotuitCotuit Library871 Main St.02635(508) 428-8141
CummingtonBryant Free Library01026(413) 634-0109
CuttyhunkCuttyhunk Public Library19 Tower Hill Road02713(508) 990-7408
DaltonDalton Free Public Library462 Main Street01226(413) 684-6112
DanversPeabody Institute Library15 Sylvan St.01923(978) 774-0554
DartmouthDartmouth Public Libraries732 Dartmouth Street02748(508) 999-0726
DartmouthNorth Dartmouth Library1383 Tucker Road(508) 999-0728
DartmouthRussells Mills Library1205 Russells Mills Road(508) 999-0729
DedhamDedham Public Library43 Church St.02026(781) 751-9280
DedhamEndicott Branch Library257 Mount Vernon Street(781) 326-5339
DennisDennis Memorial Library Assoc.02638(508) 385-2255
DennisportDennis Public Library5 Hall St.02639(508) 760-6219
DightonDighton Public Library395 Main Street02715(508) 669-6421
DorchesterAdams Street Branch Library690 Adams Street(617) 436-6900
DorchesterCodman Square Branch Library690 Washington Street(617) 436-8214
DorchesterFields Corner Branch Library1520 Dorchester Avenue(617) 436-2155
DorchesterGrove Hall Branch Libary5 Crawford Street(617) 427-3337
DorchesterLower Mills Branch Library27 Richmond Street(617) 298-7841
DouglasSimon Fairfield Public Library290 Main Street01516(508) 476-2695
DoverDover Town Library56 Dedham St.02030(508) 785-8113
DracutMoses Greeley Parker Memorial Lib.28 Arlington St.01826(978) 454-5474
DudleyPearle L. Crawford Memorial Library1 Village Street01571(508) 949-8021
DunstableDunstable Free Public Library588 Main St.01827(978) 649-7830
DuxburyDuxbury Free Library77 Alden Street02332(781) 934-2721
East BostonEast Boston Branch Library276 Meridian Street(617) 569-0271
East BostonOrient Heights Branch Library18 Barnes Avenue(617) 567-2516
East BridgewaterEast Bridgewater Public Library32 Union St.02333(508) 378-1616
East BrookfieldEast Brookfield Public Library122 Connie Mack Drive01515(508) 867-7928
East DennisJacob Sears Memorial Library23 Center St.02641(508) 385-8151
East FalmouthEast Falmouth Branch Library310 East Falmouth Highway(508) 548-6340
East FreetownJames White Memorial Lib.5 Washburn Road02717(508) 763-5344
East LongmeadowEast Longmeadow Public Library60 Center Square01028(413) 525-5432
East WeymouthFranklin N. Pratt Library1400 Pleasant Street(781) 337-1677
EasthamEastham Public Library190 Samoset Road02642(508) 240-5950
EasthamptonEmily Williston Memorial Library9 Park St.01027(413) 527-1031
EastonFive Corners Library670 Depot Street(508) 230-8595
EdgartownEdgartown Free Public Library58 North Water St.02539(508) 627-4221
ErvingErving Center Branch12 E. Main St.(413) 422-2800
ErvingErving Public Library17 Moore St.01344(413) 423-3348
EssexT.O.H.P. Burnham Free Library30 Martin St.01929(978) 768-7410
EverettParlin Memorial Library410 Broadway02149(617) 394-2300
EverettShute Memorial Library781 Broadway(617) 394-2308
FairhavenMillicent Library45 Center St.02719(508) 992-5342
Fall RiverEast End Branch Library1386 Pleasant Street(508) 324-2709
Fall RiverFall River Public Library104 North Main St.02720(508) 324-2700
Fall RiverSouth Branch Library1310 South Main Street(508) 324-2708
FalmouthFalmouth Public Library300 Main Street02540(508) 457-2555
FitchburgFitchburg Public Library610 Main St.01420(978) 345-9635
FlorenceLilly Library19 Meadow St.01062(413) 587-1500
FloridaFlorida Free Public Library56 North County Road01247(413) 664-6023
FoxboroughBoyden Library10 Bird St.02035(508) 543-1245
FraminghamFramingham Public Library49 Lexington Street01702(508) 532-5570
FraminghamMcauliffe Branch Library10 Nicholas Road(508) 877-3636
FranklinFranklin Public Library118 Main Street02038(508) 520-4940
GardnerLevi Heywood Memorial Library55 West Lynde St.01440(978) 632-5298
GeorgetownPeabody Library01833(978) 352-5728
GilbertvilleGilbertville Public Library259 Main St.01031(413) 477-6312
GillSlate Memorial Library332 Main Road01376(413) 863-2591
GloucesterGloucester Lyceum Sawyer Free Lib2 Dale Ave.01930(978) 281-9763
GoshenGoshen Free Public Library42 Main Street01032(413) 268-7033
GraftonGrafton Public Library35 Grafton Common01519(508) 839-4649
GranbyGranby Free Public Library01033(413) 467-3320
GranvilleGranville Public Library2 Granby Road01034(413) 357-8531
Great BarringtonMason Library231 Main St.01230(413) 528-2403
GreenfieldGreenfield Public Library402 Main St.01301(413) 772-1544
GrotonGroton Public Library99 Main St.01450(978) 448-1167
GrovelandLangley Adams Library185 Main Street01834(978) 372-1732
HadleyGoodwin Memorial Library50 Middle Street01035(413) 584-7451
HalifaxHolmes Public Library470 Plymouth St.02338(781) 293-2271
HampdenHampden Free Library625 Main St.01036(413) 566-3047
HancockTaylor Memorial Library733 Main Street01237(413) 738-5326
HanoverJohn Curtis Free Library534 Hanover St.02339(781) 826-2972
HansonHanson Public Library132 Maquan St.02341(781) 293-2151
HardwickPaige Memorial Library87 Petersham Road01037(413) 477-6704
HarvardHarvard Public Library4 Pond Rd.01451(978) 456-4114
HarwichBrooks Free Library739 Main Street02645(508) 430-7562
Harwich PortHarwich Port Library 17502646(508) 432-3320
HatfieldHatfield Public Library39 Main St.01038(413) 247-9097
HaverhillHaverhill Public Library99 Main St.01830(978) 373-1586
HaydenvilleHaydenville Public Library136 Main Street(413) 268-7472
HeathHeath Free Public Library1 East Main Street01346(413) 337-4934
HinghamHingham Public Library66 Leavitt St.02043(781) 741-1405
HinsdaleHinsdale Public Library58 Maple St.01235(413) 655-2303
HolbrookHolbrook Public Library2 Plymouth St.02343(781) 767-3644
HoldenGale Free Library23 Highland St.01520(508) 829-0228
HollandHolland Public Library23 Sturbridge Rd.01521(413) 245-3607
HollistonHolliston Public Library752 Washington St.01746(508) 429-0617
HolyokeHolyoke Public Library335 Maple St.01040(413) 322-5640
HopedaleBancroft Memorial Library50 Hopedale Street01747(508) 634-2209
HopkintonHopkinton Public Library13 Main Street01748(508) 497-9777
HousatonicRamsdell Public Library1087 Main Street(413) 274-3738
HubbardstonHubbardston Public Library7 Main Street01452(978) 928-4775
HudsonHudson Public Library3 Washington Street At Wood Square01749(978) 568-9644
HullHull Public Library9 Main St.02045(781) 925-2295
HuntingtonHuntington Public Library7 East Main St.01050(413) 667-3506
HyannisHyannis Public Library Assoc.401 Main St.02601(508) 775-2280
Hyde ParkHyde Park Branch Library35 Harvard Avenue(617) 361-2524
Indian OrchardIndian Orchard Branch Library44 Oak Street(413) 263-6846
IpswichIpswich Public Library25 North Main St.01938(978) 356-6648
Jamaica PlainConnolly Branch Library433 Centre Street(617) 522-1960
Jamaica PlainJamaica Plain Branch Library12 Sedgwick Street(617) 524-2053
KingstonKingston Public Library6 Green Street02364(781) 585-0517
LakevilleLakeville Free Public Library4 Precinct St.02347(508) 947-9028
LancasterThayer Memorial Library717 Main St.01523(978) 368-8928
LanesboroughLanesborough Public Library83 North Main St. (Town Hall)01237(413) 442-0222
LawrenceLawrence Public Library51 Lawrence St.01841(978) 682-1727
LawrenceSouth Lawrence Branch Library135 Parker Street(978) 794-5789
LeeLee Library Association100 Main St.01238(413) 243-0385
LeicesterLeicester Public Library1136 Main St.01524(508) 892-7020
LenoxLenox Library Association18 Main St.01240(413) 637-0197
LeominsterLeominster Public Library30 West St.01453(978) 534-7522
LeverettLeverett Library75 Montague Road01054(413) 548-9220
LexingtonCary Memorial Library1874 Massachusetts Avenue02420(781) 862-6288
LexingtonEast Lexington Branch Library735 Massachusetts Avenue(781) 862-2773
LeydenRobertson Memorial Library849 Greenfield Road01301(413) 773-9334
LincolnLincoln Public Library01773(781) 259-8465
LittletonReuben Hoar Library41 Shattuck St.01460(978) 486-4046
LongmeadowRichard Salter Storrs Library693 Longmeadow St.01106(413) 565-4181
LowellPollard Memorial Library401 Merrimack St.01852(978) 970-4120
LowellSamuel S. Pollard Memorial Library401 Merrimack St.01852(978) 970-4120
LowellSenior Center Branch276 Broadway Street(978) 970-4120
LudlowHubbard Memorial Library24 Center Street01056(413) 583-3408
LunenburgLunenburg Public Library1023 Massachusetts Ave.01462(978) 582-4140
LunenburgRitter Memorial Library1023 Massachusetts Avenue01462(978) 582-4140
LynnLynn Public Library5 North Common St.01902(781) 595-0567
LynnfieldLynnfield Public Library18 Summer St.01940(781) 334-5411
MaldenMalden Public Library36 Salem St.02148(781) 324-0218
ManchaugManchaug Branch Library2 Main Street(508) 476-7036
Manchester-By-The-SeManchester-By-The-Sea Pub. Library15 Union Street01944(978) 526-7711
ManometManomet Branch Library24 Manomet Point Road(508) 830-4185
MansfieldMansfield Public Library255 Hope Street02048(508) 261-7382
MarbleheadAbbot Public Library235 Pleasant St.01945(781) 631-1480
MarionElizabeth Taber Memorial Library8 Spring St.02738(508) 748-1252
MarlboroughMarlborough Public Library35 West Main St.01752(508) 624-6900
MarshfieldVentress Memorial Library02050(781) 834-5535
Marstons MillsMarstons Mills Public Library2160 Main St.02648(508) 428-5175
MashpeeMashpee Public Library100 Nathan Ellis Hghwy.02649(508) 539-1435
MattapanMattapan Branch Library10 Hazelton Street(617) 298-9218
MattapoisettMattapoisett Public Library7 Barstow St.02739(508) 758-4171
MaynardMaynard Public Library77 Nason St.01754(978) 897-1010
MedfieldMedfield Memorial Library468 Main Street02052(508) 359-4544
MedfordMedford Public Library111 High St.02155(781) 395-7950
MedwayMedway Public Library26 High St.02053(508) 533-3217
MelroseMelrose Public Library69 West Emerson St.02176(781) 665-2313
MendonTaft Public Library18 Main St.01756(508) 473-3259
MerrimacMerrimac Public Library86 West Main St.01860(978) 346-9441
MethuenNevins Memorial Library305 Broadway01844(978) 686-4080
MiddleboroughMiddleborough Public Library102 North Main St.02346(508) 946-2470
MiddlefieldMiddlefield Public Library188 Main Road01243(413) 623-6421
MiddletonFlint Public Library1 South Main St.01949(978) 774-8132
MilfordMilford Town Library80 Spruce Street01757(508) 473-2145
Mill RiverNew Marlborough Town Library1 Mill River -Great Barrington Road01230(413) 229-6668
MillburyMillbury Public Library128 Elm St.01527(508) 865-1181
Millers FallsMillers Falls Library23 Bridge Street(413) 659-3801
MillisMillis Public Library25 Auburn Road02054(508) 376-8282
MillvilleMillville Free Public Library169 Main St.01529(508) 883-1887
MiltonEast Milton Branch Library354 Edge Hill Road(617) 698-1733
MiltonMilton Public Library476 Canton Ave.02186(617) 698-5757
Monroe BridgeMonroe Public Library3b School St.01350(413) 424-7776
MonsonMonson Free Library Reading Room2 High Street01057(413) 267-3866
MontagueMontague Center Library17 Center Street(413) 367-2852
MontereyMonterey Public Library452 Main Rd.01245(413) 528-3795
MontgomeryGrace Hall Memorial Library161 Main Rd.01085(413) 862-3894
Mount WashingtonMount Washington Public Library01258(413) 528-1798
NahantNahant Public Library15 Pleasant St.01908(781) 581-0306
NantucketNantucket Atheneum1 India Street02554(508) 228-1110
NatickMorse Institute Library14 East Central Street01760(508) 647-6520
NeedhamNeedham Free Public Library1139 Highland Ave.02494(781) 455-7559
New BedfordCasa Da Saudade58 Crapo Street(508) 991-6218
New BedfordFrancis J. Lawler Branch Library745 Rockdale Avenue(508) 991-6216
New BedfordHowland Green Library3 Rodney French Blvd.(508) 991-6212
New BedfordNew Bedford Free Public Library613 Pleasant Street02740(508) 991-6275
New BedfordWilks Library1911 Acushnet Avenue(508) 991-6214
New BraintreeNew Braintree Public Library45 Memorial Drive01531(508) 867-7650
New SalemNew Salem Public Library24 South Main Street01355(978) 544-6334
NewburyportAndrews Branch Library77 Purchase Street(978) 465-4430
NewburyportNewburyport Public Library94 State St.01950(978) 465-4428
NewtonNonantum Branch Library144 Bridge Street(617) 552-7163
Newton CentreNewton Free Library330 Homer Street02459(617) 796-1400
Newton CornerNewton Corner Branch Library126 Vernon Street(617) 552-7157
NorfolkNorfolk Public Library139 Main St.02056(508) 528-3380
North AdamsNorth Adams Public Library74 Church St.01247(413) 662-3133
North AndoverStevens Memorial Library345 Main Street01845(978) 688-9505
North AttleboroughRichards Memorial Library118 North Washington Street02760(508) 699-0122
North BrookfieldHaston Free Public Library161 Main Street01535(508) 867-0208
North ChelmsfordMackay Branch Library43 Newfield Street(978) 251-3212
North EastonAmes Free Library Of Easton, Inc.53 Main St.02356(508) 238-2000
North FalmouthNorth Falmouth Branch Library6 Chester Street(508) 563-2922
North GraftonNorth Grafton Branch6 Prentice Street(508) 839-4454
North OrangeMoore-Leland Library172 Athol Road(978) 575-0444
North ReadingFlint Memorial Library147 Park St.01864(978) 664-4942
North TruroTruro Public Library5 Library Lane02652(508) 487-1125
North WeymouthNorth Branch Library220 North Street(781) 340-5036
NorthamptonForbes Library20 West St.01060(413) 587-1011
NorthboroughNorthborough Free Library34 Main St.01532(508) 393-5025
NorthfieldDickinson Memorial Library115 Main Street01360(413) 498-2455
NorthfieldField Library243 Millers Falls Road01360
NortonNorton Public Library68 E. Main Street02766(508) 285-0265
NorwellNorwell Public Library64 South St.02061(781) 659-2015
NorwoodMorrill Memorial Library33 Walpole St.02062(781) 769-0200
Oak BluffsOak Bluffs Public Library56r School Street02557(508) 693-9433
OakhamFobes Memorial Library4 Maple St.01068(508) 882-3372
OrangeWheeler Memorial Library49 East Main Street01364(978) 544-2495
OrleansSnow Library67 Main St.02653(508) 240-3760
OstervilleOsterville Free Library43 Wianno Avenue02655(508) 428-5757
OtisOtis Free Public Library48 Main St.01253(413) 269-0109
OxfordOxford Free Public Library339 Main St.01540(508) 987-6003
PalmerPalmer Public Library1455 North Main St.01069(413) 283-3330
PaxtonRichards Memorial Library44 Richards Ave.01612(508) 754-0793
PeabodyPeabody Institute Library82 Main St.01960(978) 531-0100
PeabodySouth Branch Library78 Lynn Street(508) 531-3380
PeabodyWest Branch Library603 Lowell Street(508) 535-3354
PelhamPelham Library2 South Valley Road01002(413) 253-0657
PembrokePembroke Public Library142 Center St.02359(781) 293-6771
PepperellLawrence Library15 Main St.01463(978) 433-0330
PeruPeru Library6 W. Main Road01235(413) 655-8650
PetershamPetersham Memorial Library23 Common St.01366(978) 724-3405
PhillipstonPhillips Free Public Library25 Templeton Road01331(978) 249-1734
PittsfieldBerkshire Athenaeum1 Wendell Ave.01201(413) 499-9480
PlainfieldShaw Memorial Library312 Main Street01070(413) 634-5406
PlainvillePlainville Public Library198 South St.02762(508) 695-1784
PlymouthPlymouth Public Library132 South Street02360(508) 830-4250
PlymptonPlympton Public Library248 Main St.02367(781) 585-4551
PrincetonPrinceton Public Library2 Town Hall Drive01541(978) 464-2115
ProvincetownProvincetown Public Library356 Commercial St.02657(508) 487-7094
QuincyAdams Shore Branch Library519 Sea Street(617) 376-1325
QuincyNorth Quincy Branch Library381 Hancock Street(617) 376-1320
QuincyThomas Crane Public Library40 Washington Street02269(617) 376-1300
QuincyWollaston Branch Library41 Beale Street(617) 376-1330
RandolphTurner Free Library02368(781) 961-0932
RaynhamRaynham Public Library760 South Main St.02767(508) 823-1344
ReadingReading Public Library64 Middlesex Ave.01867(781) 944-0840
RehobothBlanding Public Library124 Bay State Road02769(508) 252-4236
RevereRevere Public Library179 Beach St.02151(781) 286-8380
RichmondRichmond Free Public Library2821 State Road01254(413) 698-3834
RochesterJoseph H. Plumb Memorial Library17 Constitution Way02770(508) 763-8600
RocklandRockland Memorial Library20 Belmont St.02370(781) 878-1236
RockportRockport Public Library17 School Street01966(978) 546-6934
RoslindaleRoslindale Branch Library4238 Washington Street(617) 323-2343
RoweRowe Town Libraryp.o. box 45701367(413) 339-4761
RowleyRowley Public Library141 Main St.01969(978) 948-2850
RoxburyDudley Branch Library65 Warren Street(617) 442-6186
RoxburyDudley Literacy Center65 Warren St.(617) 859-2446
RoxburyEgleston Square Branch Library2044 Columbus Avenue(617) 445-4340
RoxburyParker Hill Branch Library1497 Tremont Street(617) 427-3820
RoyalstonPhinehas S. Newton Library19 On The Common01368(978) 249-3572
RussellRussell Public Library162 Main St.01071(413) 862-3102
RutlandRutland Free Public Library280 Main Street01543(508) 886-4108
SalemSalem Public Library370 Essex St.01970(978) 744-0860
SalisburySalisbury Public Library17 Elm Street01952(978) 465-5071
SandisfieldSandisfield Public Library23 Sandisfield Road01255(413) 258-4966
SandwichSandwich Free Public Library142 Main Street02563(508) 888-0625
SaugusSaugus Public Library295 Central St.01906(781) 231-4168
SavoySavoy Hollow Library720 Main Road01256(413) 743-4290
ScituateScituate Town Library85 Branch St.02066(781) 545-8727
SeekonkSeekonk Public Library410 Newman Ave.02771(508) 336-8230
SharonSharon Public Library11 North Main St.02067(781) 784-1578
SheffieldBushnell-Sage Library48 Main St.01257(413) 229-7004
ShelburneShelburne Free Public Library233 Shelburne Center Road01370(413) 625-0307
Shelburne FallsArms Library01370(413) 625-0306
SherbornSherborn Library4 Sanger St.01770(508) 653-0770
ShirleyHazen Memorial Library3 Keady Way01464(978) 425-2620
ShrewsburyShrewsbury Free Public Library609 Main St.01545(508) 842-0081
ShutesburyM. N. Spear Memorial Libraryp. o. box 25601072(413) 259-1213
SomersetSomerset Public Library1464 County St.02726(508) 646-2829
SomervilleEast Branch Library115 Broadway(617) 623-5000
SomervilleSomerville Public Library79 Highland Avenue02143(617) 623-5000
SomervilleWest Branch Library40 College Avenue(617) 623-5000
Souh AttleboroSouth Attleboro Branch Library609 Newport Avenue(508) 761-6232
South BostonSouth Boston Branch Library646 East Broadway(617) 268-0180
South BostonWashington Village Branch Library1226 Columbia Road(617) 269-7239
South ChathamSouth Chatham Public Libraryp. o. box 21802659(508) 430-7989
South DeerfieldTilton Library75 North Main St.01373(413) 665-4683
South DennisSouth Dennis Free Public Library389 Main St.02660(508) 394-8954
South EgremontEgremont Free Library1 Button Ball Lane01258(413) 528-1474
South GraftonSouth Grafton Branch Library71 Main Street(508) 839-3850
South HadleyGaylord Memorial Library47 College Street01075(413) 538-5047
South HadleySouth Hadley Public Library27 Bardwell St.01075(413) 538-5045
South HamiltonHamilton-Wenham Public Library14 Union St.01982(978) 468-5577
South NatickBacon Free Library58 Eliot Street01760(508) 653-6730
South WeymouthFogg Library1 Columbian Square(781) 337-0410
South YarmouthYarmouth Town Library Board312 Old Main Street02664(508) 760-4820
SouthamptonEdwards Public Library30 East Street01073(413) 527-9480
SouthboroughSouthborough Public Library25 Main St.01772(508) 485-5031
SouthbridgeJacob Edwards Library236 Main St.01550(508) 764-5426
SouthwickSouthwick Public Library95 Feeding Hills Rd.01077(413) 569-1221
SpencerRichard Sugden Public Library8 Pleasant Street01562(508) 885-7513
SpringfieldBrightwood Branch Library359 Plainfield Street(413) 263-6805
SpringfieldEast Forest Park122-124 Island Pond Road(413) 263-6836
SpringfieldMason Square Branch Library765 State Street(413) 263-6852
SpringfieldPine Point Branch Library204 Boston Road(413) 263-6855
SpringfieldSixteen Acres Branch Library1187 Parker Street(413) 263-6858
SpringfieldSpringfield City Library220 State St.01103(413) 263-6828
SterlingConant Free Public Library4 Meetinghouse Hill Road01564(978) 422-6409
StockbridgeStockbridge Library Association46 Main St.01262(413) 298-5501
StonehamStoneham Public Library431 Main St.02180(781) 438-1324
StoughtonStoughton Public Library84 Park St.02072(781) 344-2711
StowRandall Library19 Crescent Street01775(978) 897-8572
SturbridgeJoshua Hyde Public Library306 Main Street01566(508) 347-2512
SudburyGoodnow Public Library21 Concord Road01776(978) 443-1035
SunderlandGraves Memorial Library111 North Main Street(413) 665-2642
SunderlandSunderland Public Library20 School St.01375(413) 665-2642
SuttonSutton Free Public Library4 Uxbridge Road01590(508) 865-8752
SwampscottSwampscott Public Library61 Burrill St.01907(781) 596-8867
SwanseaSwansea Free Public Library69 Main St.02777(508) 674-9609
TauntonTaunton Public Library12 Pleasant Street02780(508) 821-1411
TempletonBoynton Public Library27 Boynton St.01468(978) 939-5582
TewksburyTewksbury Public Library300 Chandler Street01876(978) 640-4490
TollandTolland Public Library22 Clubhouse Rd.01034(413) 258-4201
TopsfieldTopsfield Town Library1 South Common Street01983(978) 887-1528
TownsendTownsend Public Library12 Dudley Road01469(978) 597-1714
Turners FallsMontague Public Libraries201 Avenue A01376(413) 863-3214
TyngsboroughTyngsborough Public Library25 Bryant Lane01879(978) 649-7361
TyringhamTyringham Free Public Library118 Main Road01264(413) 243-1373
UptonUpton Town Library2 Main Street(508) 529-6272
UptonUpton Town Library2 Main Street01568(508) 529-6272
UxbridgeUxbridge Free Public Library15 North Main St.01569(508) 278-8624
Vineyard HavenVineyard Haven Public Library200 Main Street02568(508) 696-4211
Vineyard HavenWest Tisbury Free Public Library1042 State Rd.02568(508) 693-3366
WabanWaban Branch Library1606 Beacon Street(617) 552-7166
WakefieldLucius Beebe Memorial Library345 Main Street01880(781) 246-6334
WalesWales Public Library77 Main St.01081(413) 245-9072
WalpoleWalpole Public Library65 Common St.02081(508) 660-7340
WalthamWaltham Public Library735 Main St.02451(781) 314-3425
WareYoung Mens Library Association37 Main St.01082(413) 967-5491
WarehamWareham Free Library59 Marion Road02571(508) 295-2343
WarrenWarren Public Library934 Main St.01083(413) 436-7690
WarwickWarwick Free Public Library4 Hotel Road01378(978) 544-7866
WatertownEast Branch Library481 Mt. Auburn Street(617) 972-6441
WatertownNorth Branch Library265 Orchard Street(617) 972-6442
WatertownWatertown Free Public Library123 Main St.02472(617) 972-6431
WaylandWayland Free Public Library5 Concord Rd.01778(508) 358-2311
WebsterChester C. Corbin Public Library2 Lake St.01570(508) 949-3880
WellesleyFells Branch Library308 Weston Road(781) 237-0485
WellesleyHills Branch Library210 Washington Street(781) 237-0485
WellesleyWellesley Free Library530 Washington St.02482(781) 235-1610
WellfleetWellfleet Public Library55 West Main Street02667(508) 349-0310
WendellWendell Free Library2 Lockesvillage Rd.01379(978) 544-3559
West BarnstableWhelden Memorial Library2401 Meetinghouse Way02668(508) 362-2262
West BoylstonBeaman Memorial Public Library8 Newton St.01583(508) 835-3711
West BridgewaterWest Bridgewater Public Library80 Howard Street02379(508) 894-1255
West BrookfieldMerriam-Gilbert Public Library3 West Main St.01585(508) 867-1410
West DennisWest Dennis Free Public Library260 Main St.02670(508) 398-2050
West FalmouthWest Falmouth Library, Inc.575 West Falmouth Hghwy.02540(508) 548-4709
West HarwichChase Library Assoc., Inc.5 Main St.02671(508) 432-2610
West NewburyG. A. R. Memorial Library490 Main St.01985(978) 363-1105
West RoxburyWest Roxbury Branch Library1961 Centre Street(617) 325-3147
West SpringfieldWest Springfield Public Library200 Park St.01089(413) 736-4561
West StockbridgeWest Stockbridge Public Library9 Main St.01266(413) 232-0308
West WarrenWest Warren Library Association2370 Main Street01092(413) 436-9892
West YarmouthWest Yarmouth Library391 Main Street(508) 775-5206
WestboroughWestborough Public Library55 West Main St.01581(508) 366-3050
WestfieldWestfield Athenaeum6 Elm St.01085(413) 568-7833
WestfordJ. V. Fletcher Library50 Main St.01886(978) 692-5555
WesthamptonWesthampton Memorial Library3 South Road01027(413) 527-5386
WestminsterForbush Memorial Library118 Main St.01473(978) 874-7416
WestonWeston Public Library87 School Street02493(781) 893-3312
WestportWestport Free Public Library408 Old County Rd.02790(508) 636-1100
WestwoodIslington Branch Library280 Washington Street(617) 326-5914
WestwoodWestwood Public Library668 High St.02090(781) 326-7562
WeymouthTufts Library46 Broad St.02188(781) 337-1402
WhatelyS. White Dickinson Memorial Library202 Chestnut Plain Road01093(413) 665-2170
WhitinsvilleWhitinsville Social Library17 Church St.01588(508) 234-2151
WhitmanWhitman Public Library100 Webster Street02382(781) 447-7613
WilbrahamWilbraham Public Library01095(413) 596-6141
WilliamsburgMeekins Public Library2 Williams St.01096(413) 268-7472
WilliamstownDavid Joyce Milne Public Library1095 Main Street01267(413) 458-5369
WilmingtonWilmington Memorial Library175 Middlesex Ave.01887(978) 658-2967
WinchendonBeals Memorial Library50 Pleasant St.01475(978) 297-0300
WinchesterWinchester Public Library80 Washington St.01890(781) 721-7171
WindsorWindsor Free Public Library1890 Route 901270(413) 684-3811
WinthropWinthrop Public Library2 Metcalf Square02152(617) 846-1703
WoburnWoburn Public Library45 Pleasant St.01801(781) 933-0148
Woods HoleWoods Hole Public Library581 Woods Hole Rd.02543(508) 548-8961
WorcesterFrances Perkins Branch Library At Greendale470 West Boylston Street(508) 799-1687
WorcesterGreat Brook Valley Branch Library89 Tacoma Street(508) 799-1729
WorcesterWorcester Public Library3 Salem Square01608(508) 799-1655
WorthingtonWorthington Library1 Huntington Rd.01098(413) 238-5565
WrenthamFiske Public Library110 Randall Road02093(508) 384-5440

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