AberdeenAberdeen Branch21 Franklin Street(410) 273-5608
AbingdonAbingdon Branch Library2510 Tollgate Road21009(410) 638-3990
AccidentAccident Branch Library106 S. North Street21520(301) 746-8792
AccokeekPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Accokeek15773 Livingston Rd.20607(301) 292-2880
AnnapolisAnnapolis Area Library1410 West Street21401(410) 222-1750
AnnapolisAnne Arundel County Public Library Headquarters5 Harry S. Truman Parkway21401(410) 222-7371
AnnapolisBroadneck Branch1275 Green Holly Drive21401(410) 222-1905
AnnapolisEastport-Annapolis Neck Branch269 Hillsmere Drive21403(410) 222-1770
BaltimoreArbutus Library1581 Sulphur Spring Rd., Suite 10521227(410) 887-1451
BaltimoreBrooklyn Branch300 E. Patapsco Ave.21225(410) 396-1120
BaltimoreBrooklyn Park Branch1 East 11th Avenue21225(410) 222-6260
BaltimoreCanton Branch1030 S. Ellwood Avenue21224(410) 396-8548
BaltimoreCherry Hill Branch606 Cherry Hill Road21225(410) 396-1168
BaltimoreClifton Branch2001 N. Wolfe Street21213(410) 396-0984
BaltimoreEdmondson Avenue Branch4330 Edmondson Avenue21229(410) 545-7130
BaltimoreEnoch Pratt Free Library400 Cathedral Street21201(410) 396-5395
BaltimoreForest Park Branch3023 Garrison Boulevard21216(410) 396-0942
BaltimoreGovans Branch5714 Bellona Avenue21212(410) 396-6098
BaltimoreHamilton Branch5910 Harford Road21214(410) 396-6088
BaltimoreHampden Branch3641 Falls Road21211(410) 396-6043
BaltimoreHerring Run Branch3801 Erdman Avenue21213(410) 396-0996
BaltimoreLight Street Branch1251 Light Street21230(410) 396-1096
BaltimoreMobile Library Services1716 Merritt Blvd.21222(410) 887-7586
BaltimoreNorth Point Library1716 Merritt Blvd.21222(410) 887-7255
BaltimoreNorthwood Branch4420 Loch Raven Boulevard21218(410) 396-6076
BaltimoreOrleans Street Branch1303 Orleans Street21231(410) 396-0970
BaltimoreParkville-Carney Library9509 Harford Rd.21234(410) 887-5353
BaltimorePatterson Park Branch158 N. Linwood Avenue21224(410) 396-0983
BaltimorePennsylvania Avenue Branch1531 W. North Avenue21217(410) 396-0399
BaltimorePerry Hall Library9440 Belair Rd.21236(410) 887-5195
BaltimorePikesville Library1301 Reisterstown Rd.21208(410) 887-1234
BaltimoreReisterstown Road Branch6310 Reisterstown Road21215(410) 396-0948
BaltimoreRoland Park Branch5108 Roland Avenue21210(410) 396-6099
BaltimoreRosedale Library6105 Kenwood Ave.21237(410) 887-0512
BaltimoreSoutheast Anchor Library3601 Eastern Avenue21224(410) 396-1580
BaltimoreWalbrook Branch3203 W. North Avenue21216(410) 396-0935
BaltimoreWashington Village Branch856 Washington Boulevard21230(410) 396-1099
BaltimoreWaverly Branch400 E. 33rd Street21218(410) 396-6053
BaltimoreWhite Marsh Library8133 Sandpiper Circle21236(410) 887-5097
BaltimoreWoodlawn Library1811 Woodlawn Dr.21207(410) 887-1336
Bel AirBel Air Branch Library100 E. Pennsylvania Ave21014(410) 638-3151
BelcampHarford County Public Library1221-A Brass Mill Road21017(410) 575-6761
BeltsvillePrince Georges County Memorial Library – Beltsville4319 Sellman Rd.20705(301) 937-0294
BerlinWorcester County Library – Berlin220 North Main St.21811(410) 641-0650
BethesdaBethesda Branch Library7400 Arlington Rd.20814(240) 777-0970
BethesdaDavis Branch Library6400 Democracy Blvd.20817(240) 777-0922
BethesdaLittle Falls Branch Library5501 Massachusetts Ave.20816(240) 773-9520
BethesdaSpecial Needs Library6400 Democracy Blvd.20817(240) 777-0960
BivalveBivalve Station Library21814(410) 873-2472
BladensburgPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Bladensburg4820 Annapolis Rd.20710(301) 927-4916
BowiePrince Georges County Memorial Library – Bowie15210 Annapolis Road20715(301) 262-7000
BowiePrince Georges County Memorial Library – South Bowie15301 Hall Road20721(301) 850-0475
BrandywinePrince Georges County Memorial Library – Baden13603 Baden-Westwood Road20613(301) 888-1152
BrunswickBrunswick Branch Library915 North Maple Avenue(301) 600-7250
BurtonsvilleMarilyn J. Praisner Library (Fairland)14910 Old Columbia Pik20866(240) 773-9460
CambridgeDorchester County Public Library303 Gay Street21613(410) 228-7332
CatonsvilleCatonsville Library1100 Frederick Rd.21228(410) 887-0951
CeciltonCecilton Branch Library215 East Main Street21913(410) 275-1091
CentrevilleQueen Annes County Free Library121 S Commerce Street21617(410) 758-0980
Charlotte HallCharlotte Hall Branch Library37600 New Market Road20622(301) 884-2211
Chesapeake BeachTwin Beaches Branch3819 Harbor Road20732(410) 257-2411
Chesapeake CityCecil County Public Library – Chesapeake City2527 Augustine Herman Highway(410) 996-1134
ChestertownKent County Public Library408 High Street21620(410) 778-3636
Chevy ChaseChevy Chase Branch Library8005 Connecticut Ave.20815(301) 986-4313
ClintonPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Surratts-Clinton9400 Piscataway Rd.20735(301) 868-9200
CockeysvilleCockeysville Library9833 Greenside Dr.21030(410) 887-7750
ColumbiaCentral Branch10375 Little Patuxent Parkway21044(410) 313-7800
ColumbiaEast Columbia Branch6600 Cradlerock Way21045(410) 313-7700
CooksvilleGlenwood Branch2350 Route 9721723(410) 313-5577
CrisfieldCorbin Memorial Library4 E. Main Street21817(410) 968-0955
CroftonCrofton Area Branch1681 Riedel Road21114(410) 222-7915
CumberlandAllegany County Library System31 Washington St21502(301) 777-1200
CumberlandSouth Cumberland Library100 Seymour Street21502(301) 724-1607
CumberlandWashington Street Library31 Washington Street21502(301) 777-1200
DamascusDamascus Branch Library9701 Main Street20872(240) 773-9444
DarlingtonDarlington Branch Library1134 Main Street21034(410) 638-3750
DealeSouth County Branch5940 Deale-Churchton Road20751(410) 222-1925
DentonCaroline County Public Library100 Market Street21629(410) 479-1343
District HeightsPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Spauldings5811 Old Silver Hill Road20747(301) 817-3750
EastonTalbot County Free Library100 W. Dover St.21601(410) 822-1626
EdgewaterEdgewater Branch25 Stepneys Lane21037(410) 222-1538
EdgewoodEdgewood Branch Library629 Edgewood Road21040(410) 612-1600
EldersburgEldersburg Branch6400 Hemlock Drive21784(410) 386-4460
ElkridgeElkridge Branch6540 Washington Boulevard21075(410) 313-5077
ElktonCecil County Public Library – Elkton301 Newark Avenue21921(410) 996-5600
Ellicott CityMiller Branch9421 Frederick Road21042(410) 313-1950
EmmitsburgEmmitsburg Branch Library300 South Seton Avenue21727(240) 629-6329
EssexEssex Library1110 Eastern Blvd.21221(410) 887-0295
EwellEwell School20910 Caleb Jones Road21824(410) 425-5141
Fairmount HeightsPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Fairmount Heights5904 Kolb St.20743(301) 883-2650
FallstonFallston Branch Library1461 Fallston Road21047(410) 638-3003
FederalsburgFederalsburg Branch123 Morris Avenue21632(410) 754-8397
FinksburgFinksburg Branch2265 Old Westminster Pike21048(410) 386-4505
FrederickC.Burr Artz Public Library110 East Patrick Street21701(301) 694-1630
FrederickFrederick County Public Libraries110 East Patrick Street21701(301) 600-1613
FrederickUrbana Regional Library9020 Amelung Street(301) 600-7000
FriendsvilleFriendsville Branch Library315 Chestnut Street21531(301) 746-5663
FrostburgFrostburg Library65 East Main Street21532(301) 687-0790
GaithersburgGaithersburg Branch Library18330 Montgomery Village Ave.20879(301) 840-2515
GaithersburgQuince Orchard Branch Library15831 Quince Orchard Rd.20878(240) 777-0200
GermantownGermantown Branch Library19840 Century Boulevard20874(240) 777-0110
Glen BurnieNorth County Area Library1010 Eastway21060(410) 222-6270
GlenardenPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Glenarden8724 Glenarden Pkwy.20706(301) 772-5477
GrantsvilleGrantsville Branch Library102 Parkside Dr.21536(301) 895-5298
GreenbeltPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Greenbelt11 Crescent Road20770(301) 345-5800
GreenmountNorth Carroll Branch2255 Hanover Pike21074(410) 386-4480
GreensboroNorth County Branch101 Cedar Lane21639(410) 482-2173
HagerstownWashington County Free Library100 S. Potomac St21740(301) 739-3250
Havre De GraceHavre De Grace Branch Library120 N. Union Ave.21078(410) 939-6700
HurlockHurlock Branch Library222 S. Main St.21643(410) 943-4331
HyattsvillePrince Georges County Memorial Library – Hyattsville6530 Adelphi Rd.20782(301) 985-4690
HyattsvillePrince Georges County Memorial Library System6532 Adelphi Road20782(301) 699-3500
HampsteadNorth Carroll Branch2255 Hanover Pike 21074 (410) 386-4480 
Indian HeadPotomac Branch Library3225 Ruth B. Swann Drive20640(301) 375-7375
JarrettsvilleJarrettsville Branch Library3722 Norrisville Road21084(410) 692-7887
JoppaJoppa Branch Library655 Towne Center Dr.21085(410) 612-1660
KensingtonKensington Park Branch Library4201 Knowles Ave.20895(301) 897-2211
KensingtonNoyes Library For Young Children10237 Carroll Place20895(301) 929-5533
KitzmillerKitzmiller Branch Library288 W. Main Street21538(301) 453-3368
La PlataCharles County Public Library2 Garrett Avenue20646(301) 934-9001
La PlataLa Plata Branch2 Garrett Avenue20646(301) 934-9001
LansdowneLansdowne Branch500 Third Avenue21227(410) 887-5602
LargoPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Largo-Kettering9601 Capital Lane20774(301) 336-4044
LaurelMaryland City At Russett Branch3501 Russett Common20724(301) 725-2390
LaurelPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Laurel507 7th Street20707(301) 776-6790
LaurelSavage Branch9525 Durness Lane20723(410) 313-0760
LavaleAllegany County Bookmobile815 National Highway21502(240) 727-0745
LavaleBookmobile Headquarters815 National Highway21502(240) 727-0745
LavaleLavale Library815 National Highway21502(301) 729-0855
LeonardtownLeonardtown Branch Library23250 Hollywood Road20650(301) 475-2846
LeonardtownSt. Marys County Library23250 Hollywood Road20650(301) 475-2846
Lexington ParkLexington Park Branch Library21677 Fdr Blvd.20653(301) 863-8188
LinthicumLinthicum Branch400 Shipley Road21090(410) 222-6265
LonaconingGeorges Creek Library76 Main Street21539(301) 463-2629
LusbySouthern Branch20 Appeal Lane20657(410) 326-5289
MiddletownMiddletown Branch Library101 Prospect Street21769(301) 371-7560
MonktonHereford Library16940 York Rd.21111(410) 887-1919
Mount AiryMount Airy Branch705 Ridge Avenue21771(410) 386-4470
Mount RainierPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Mount Rainier3409 Rhode Island Ave.20712(301) 864-8937
New CarrolltonPrince Georges County Memorial Library – New Carrollton7414 Riverdale Rd..20784(301) 459-6900
North EastCecil County Public Library – North East106 West Cecil Avenue21901(410) 996-6269
OaklandOakland Branch Library6 N. Second Street21550(301) 334-3996
OaklandRuth Enlow Library Of Garrett County6 North Second Street21550(301) 334-3996
Ocean CityWorcester County Library – Ocean City10003 Coastal Highway21842(410) 524-1818
Ocean PinesWorcester County Library – Ocean Pines11107 Cathell Rd.21811(410) 208-4014
OdentonWest County Area Library1325 Annapolis Road21113(410) 222-6277
OlneyOlney Branch Library3500 Olney-Laytonsville Road20832(301) 570-1232
OwingsFairview Branch8120 Southern Maryland Boulevard20736(410) 257-2101
Oxon HillPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Oxon Hill6200 Oxon Hill Rd.20745(301) 839-2400
PasadenaMountain Road Branch4730 Mountain Road21122(410) 222-6699
PasadenaRiviera Beach Branch1130 Duvall Highway21122(410) 222-6285
PerryvilleCecil County Public Library – Perryville500 Coudon Blvd.21903(410) 996-6070
Pocomoke CityWorcester County Library – Pocomoke City301 Market St.21851(410) 957-0878
Point Of RocksEdward F. Fry Memorial Library At Point Of Rocks1635 Ballenger Creek Pike(301) 874-4560
PoolesvillePoolesville Branch Library19633 Fisher Ave.20837(240) 773-9550
Port DepositCecil County Public Library – Port Deposit13 South Main Street21904(410) 996-6055
PotomacPotomac Branch Library10101 Glenolden Drive20854(240) 777-0690
Prince FrederickCalvert Library Prince Frederick850 Costley Way20678(410) 535-0291
Princess AnneSomerset County Library11767 Beechwood Street21853(410) 651-0852
RandallstownRandallstown Library8604 Liberty Rd.21133(410) 887-0770
ReisterstownReisterstown Library21 Cockeys Mill Rd.21136(410) 887-1165
Rising SunCecil County Public Library – Rising Sun111 Colonial Way21911(410) 658-4025
Rock HallRock Hall Branch Library5585 Main Street21661(410) 639-7162
RockvilleAspen Hill Library4407 Aspen Hill Rd.20853(240) 773-9410
RockvilleMontgomery County Public Libraries21 Maryland Ave., Suite 31020850(240) 777-0002
RockvilleRockville Branch Library21 Maryland Ave.20850(240) 777-0140
RockvilleTwinbrook Branch Library202 Meadow Hall Drive20851(240) 777-0240
SalisburyCentre Branch Library21801(410) 546-5397
SalisburyWicomico Public Library122 South Division Street21801(410) 749-3612
SevernProvinces Branch2624 Annapolis Road21144(410) 222-6280
Severna ParkSeverna Park Area Branch45 Mckinsey Road21146(410) 222-6290
Silver SpringLong Branch Library8800 Garland Ave.20901(240) 777-0910
Silver SpringSilver Spring Branch Library8901 Colesville Road20910(240) 773-9420
Silver SpringWhite Oak Branch Library11701 New Hampshire Ave.20904(301) 622-2492
Snow HillWorcester County Library – Snow Hill307 N Washington Street21863(410) 632-3495
St. MichaelsSt. Michaels Branch Library106 Fremont St.21663(410) 745-5877
StevensvilleKent Island Branch200 Library Circle21666(410) 643-8161
Takoma ParkTakoma Park Maryland Library101 Philadelphia Avenue20912(301) 891-7259
TaneytownTaneytown Branch10 Grand Drive21787(410) 386-4510
Temple HillsPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Hillcrest Heights2398 Iverson St.20748(301) 630-4900
ThurmontThurmont Branch Library11 Water Street21788(301) 271-7721
TilghmanTilghman Branch Library21374 Foster Avenue21671(410) 886-9816
TowsonBaltimore County Public Library320 York Road21204(410) 887-6100
TowsonLoch Raven Mini Library1046 Taylor Avenue21286(410) 887-4444
TowsonTowson Library320 York Rd.21204(410) 887-6166
Upper MarlboroPrince Georges County Memorial Library – Upper Marlboro14730 Main St.20772(301) 627-9330
WaldorfP.D. Brown Memorial Branch Library50 Village Street20602(301) 645-2864
WaldorfWaldorf West Branch
WalkersvilleWalkersville Branch Library57 West Frederick Street21793(301) 845-8880
WesternportWesternport Library66 Main Street21562(301) 359-0455
WestminsterBookmobile Services50 East Main Street21157(410) 386-4450
WestminsterWestminster Branch50 East Main Street21157(410) 386-4490
WheatonWheaton Branch Library11701 Georgia Ave.20902(240) 777-0678
White HallNorrisville Branch Library5310 Norrisville Road21161(410) 692-7856
WhitefordWhiteford Branch Library2407 Whiteford Road21160(410) 638-3608

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