AbileneAbilene Public Library209 Nw 4th67410(785) 263-3082
AgraAgra-F Lee Doctor Library222 Main67621(785) 638-2471
AgraF. Lee Doctor Public Library, Agra330 Main(913) 638-2444
AllenLyon County Library Dist. 1421 Main66833(620) 528-3451
AlmaAlma Branch Library115 West 3rd(785) 765-3647
AlmenaAlmena City Library415 Main67622(785) 669-2336
Alta VistaAlta Vista Mini Branch310 Center(785) 499-5542
AltamontAltamont Public Library407 Huston Ave67330(620) 784-5530
AltoonaAltoona Public Library714 Main66710(620) 568-6645
AltoonaAltoona Public Library713 Main St.(620) 568-5415
AmericusAmericus Township Library710 Main66835(620) 443-5503
AndaleAndale District Library328 Main St67001(316) 444-2363
AndoverAndover Public Library1511 E. Central67002(316) 558-3500
AnthonyAnthony Public Library624 E. Main St.67003(620) 842-5344
ArgoniaDixon Township Library120 W Walnut67004(620) 435-6979
Arkansas CityArkansas City Public Library120 E. 5th Avenue67005(620) 442-1280
ArlingtonArlington City Library111 E. Main67514(620) 538-2471
ArmaArma City Library508 E. Washington Street66712(620) 347-4811
AshlandAshland Library604 Main67831(620) 635-2589
AtchisonAtchison Library401 Kansas Avenue66002(913) 367-1902
AtticaAttica City Library125 North Main67009(620) 254-7767
AtwoodAtwood Public Library102 S. 6th St.67730(785) 626-3805
AugustaAugusta Public Library1609 State St.67010(316) 775-2681
AxtellAxtell Public Library401 Maple66403(785) 736-2858
Baldwin CityBaldwin City Library800 7th St.66006(785) 594-3411
BasehorBasehor Community Library, Dist 2, Lv. Co.1400 158th Street66007(913) 724-2828
Baxter SpringsJohnston Public Library210 W. 10th St.66713(620) 856-5591
Belle PlaineBelle Plaine Public Library222 W. 5th67013(620) 488-3431
BellevilleBelleville Public Library1327 19th Street66935(785) 527-5305
BeloitPort Library311 W. Main67420(785) 738-3936
Bird CityBird City Public Library110 East 4th67731(785) 734-2203
BisonBison Community Library202 Main67520(785) 356-4803
Blue MoundLibrary District 3 Of Linn County, Blue Mounpo box 13(913) 756-2614
Blue MoundLinn County Library Dist 3316 E. Main St66010(913) 756-2628
Blue RapidsBlue Rapids Public Library14 Public Square66411(785) 363-7709
Bonner SpringsBonner Springs City Library200 E. Third Street66012(913) 441-2665
BronsonBronson Public Library509 Clay66716(620) 939-4910
BrownellBrownell Public Library201 S. Sixth Street67521
BucklinBucklin Public Library201 N. Main67834(620) 826-3223
BuhlerBuhler Public Library121 N. Main St.67522(620) 543-2241
BurdettBurdett Community Library207 Elm Street(316) 525-6588
BurlingameBurlingame Community Library122 W. Santa Fe Ave66413(785) 654-3400
BurlingtonCoffey County Library410 Juniatta Street66839(620) 364-2010
BurnsBurns Public Library104 North Washington Ave66840(620) 726-5717
Burr OakBurr Oak Community Library221 A Main Street66936(785) 647-5597
BurrtonBurrton Public Library121 N. Burrton Ave67020(316) 463-7902
Burrton KsRuth Dole Memorial Library121 N Burrton67020(620) 463-7902
BushtonFarmer Township Community Library67427(620) 562-3352
CaldwellCaldwell Public Library8 N. Osage67022(620) 845-6879
CaneyCaney City Library100 N. Ridgeway67333(620) 879-5341
CantonCanton Township200 N Main67428(620) 628-4349
CarbondaleCarbondale City Library234 Main Street66414(785) 836-7638
Cawker CityCawker City Public Library802 Locust67430(785) 781-4925
Cedar ValeCedar Vale Memorial Library608 Cedar67024(620) 758-2598
CentraliaCentralia Community Library520 4th Street66415(785) 857-3331
ChanuteChanute Public Library111 N. Lincoln Ave.66720(620) 431-3820
ChapmanChapman Public Library402 N. Marshall67431(785) 922-6548
CheneyCheney Public Library203 N. Main67025(316) 542-3331
CherryvaleCherryvale Public Library329 East Main67335(620) 336-3460
ChetopaChetopa City Library312 Maple67336(620) 236-7194
CimarronCimarron City Library120 North Main67835(620) 855-3808
CimarronCimarron City Library111 Main(316) 855-3808
CimarronCimarron City Library120 N. Main(316) 855-3808
City Of GoddardGoddard Public Library201 N. Main67052(316) 794-8771
ClaflinIndependent Township108 Main67525(620) 587-3488
Clay CenterClay Center Carnegie Library706 6 St67432(785) 632-3889
ClearwaterClearwater Public Library109 E. Ross67026(620) 584-6474
CliftonClifton Public Library104 E. Parallel66937(785) 455-2222
Clyde .Randolph-Decker Pub. Lib.107 S Green St.66938(785) 446-3563
CoffeyvilleCoffeyville Public Library311 W Tenth Street67337(620) 251-1370
ColbyColby-Pioneer Memorial Library375 West 4th Street67701(785) 460-4470
ColbyPioneer Memorial Library, Colby375 W. 4th St.(913) 462-7563
ColdwaterColdwater-Wilmore Regional Library221 E.Main67029(620) 582-2333
ColonyColony City Library339 Cherry Street66015(620) 852-3530
ColumbusColumbus Public Library205 N. Kansas66725(620) 429-2086
ColwichColwich Community Library432 W Colwich67030(316) 796-1521
ConcordiaFrank Carlson Library702 Broadway66901(785) 243-2250
Conway SpringsConway Springs City Library210 W. Springs Ave67031(620) 456-2859
CopelandCopeland Public Library109 Santa Fe67837(620) 668-5559
CorningCorning City Library6621 5th St.66417(785) 868-2755
Cottonwood FallsBurnley Memorial Library401 Oak Street(620) 273-8588
Cottonwood FallsCottonwood Falls-Burnley Memorial405 N. Oak66845(620) 273-8588
Council GroveCouncil Grove Public Library829 W. Main St.66846(620) 767-5716
CourtlandCourtland Community Library403 Main St.66939(785) 374-4260
CubaHillcrest Library804 Bristol Street66940(785) 729-3355
CunninghamCunningham Public Library105 North Main67035(620) 298-3163
DelphosDelphos Public Library114 W. 2nd67436(785) 523-4668
DerbyDerby Public Library611 N Mulberry Rd, Suite 20067037(316) 788-0760
DesotoJohnson County Library, Desoto33145 West 83rd Street(913) 583-3106
DightonDighton-Lane County Library144 South Lane67839(620) 397-2808
DightonLane County Library, Dighton144 S. Lane(316) 397-5829
Dodge CityDodge City Public Library1001 N. Second Ave67801(620) 225-0248
Dodge CitySouthwest Kansas Library System100 Military Avenue Suite 21067801(620) 225-1231
DouglassDouglass Public Library319 S. Forest67039(316) 746-2600
DownsDowns Carnegie Library504 Morgan Ave67437(785) 454-3821
DwightDwight Public Library637 Main66849(785) 482-3804
EdgertonEdgerton Library319 E. Nelson(913) 893-6720
EdnaEdna Public Library105 N Delaware67342(620) 922-3470
EffinghamEffingham Community Library414 Main Street66023(913) 833-5881
El DoradoBradford Memorial Library611 S. Washington67042(316) 321-3363
ElkhartElkhart-Morton County Library410 Kansas67950(620) 697-2025
ElkhartMorton County Library, Rolla Extension410 Kansas(620) 593-4320
EllinwoodEllinwood School Community Library210 N. Schiller67526(620) 564-2306
EllisEllis Public Library907 Washington67637(785) 726-3464
EllsworthJ.H. Robbins Memorial Library219 N. Lincoln Ave.67439(785) 472-3969
ElwoodElwood Branch Library410 N 9th(913) 365-2409
EmporiaEmporia Public Library110 E. Sixth Avenue66801(620) 340-6462
EnterpriseEnterprise Public Library123 S. S Factory67441(785) 263-8351
ErieErie City Public Library204 S. Butler66733(620) 244-5119
EskridgeEskridge Branch115 S. Main(785) 449-2296
EudoraEudora Public Library14 E 9th St.66025(785) 542-2496
EurekaEureka Public Library606 North Main67045(620) 583-6222
EverestBarnes Reading Room640 Main Street66424(785) 548-7733
Fall RiverFall River Public Library314 Merchant Ave.67047(620) 658-4973
FlorenceFlorence Public Library324 Main St.66851(620) 878-4649
FordFord City Library701 E 8th St67842(620) 369-2820
FormosoFormoso Public Library204 Main66942(785) 794-2424
Fort LeavenworthCombined Arms Research Library250 Gibbon Ave(913) 758-3053
Fort ScottFort Scott Public Library201 S. National66701(620) 223-2882
FowlerFowler Public Library510 Main67844(620) 646-5550
FrankfortFrankfort City Library104 E. Second St66427(785) 292-4320
FredoniaFredonia Public Library807 Jefferson St.66736(620) 378-2863
GalenaGalena Public Library315 W. 7th Street66739(620) 793-5132
Garden CityFinney County Public Library605 E Walnut67846(620) 272-3680
Garden PlainGarden Plain Community Library421 Ave B67050(316) 535-2990
GardnerJohnson County Library, Gardner116 East Main(913) 856-7223
GarnettGarnett Public Library125 W. 4th66032(785) 448-3388
GaylordGaylord City Library505 Main67638(785) 697-2650
GeneseoGeneseo Public Library725 Main Street67444(620) 824-6140
GirardGirard Public Library128 West Prairie Ave.66743(620) 724-4317
GlascoGlasco City Library67445(785) 568-2313
Glen ElderGlen Elder Library105 S. Mill St.67446(785) 545-3632
GoesselGoessel Public Library101 S. Cedar67053(620) 367-8440
GoodlandGoodland Public Library812 Broadway67735(785) 899-5461
GoveGove City Library519 Broad Street67736(785) 938-2242
GrainfieldGrainfield City Library242 Main St.67737(785) 673-4770
Great BendCentral Kansas Library System1409 Williams Street67530(620) 792-4865
Great BendGreat Bend Public Library1409 Williams67530(620) 792-2409
GrenolaGrenola Public205 South Main67346(620) 358-3707
GridleyGridley Library512 Main(316) 836-3905
GrinnellGrinnell-Moore Family Library95 S. Adams67738(785) 824-3885
GypsumGypsum Community Library521 Maple St.67448(785) 536-4319
HalsteadHalstead Public Library264 Main67056(316) 835-2170
HamiltonHamilton City Library21 E. Main66853(620) 678-3646
HanoverHanover Public205 Jackson Street66945(785) 337-2424
HanstonHanston City Library105 N Logan67849(620) 623-2798
HardtnerHardtner Public Library102 E Central67057(620) 296-4586
HarperHarper Public Library1002 Oak67058(620) 896-2959
HartfordHartford-Elmendaro Township224 Commercial St.66854(620) 392-5518
HarveyvilleHarveyville Mini Library128 W. Oak Street(785) 589-2414
HavanaHavana Study Club Librarypo box 33(316) 673-4942
HavenHaven Public Library121 North Kansas Avenue67543(620) 465-3524
HavilandKiowa County Library112 N. Main67059(620) 862-5350
HaysHays Public Library1205 Main St.67601(785) 625-9014
HaysvilleHaysville Community Library130 West Grand Avenue67060(316) 524-5242
HealyHealy Extension Of Lane County Librarybox 63(316) 398-2304
HeplerHepler City Library105 S. Prairie66746(620) 368-4379
HeringtonHerington Public Library102 S. Broadway67449(785) 258-2011
HesstonHesston Public Library110 E. Smith67062(620) 327-4666
HiawathaHiawatha-Morrill Public Library431 Oregon66434(785) 742-3831
HighlandHighland Branch Library306 W. Main(785) 442-3078
Hill CityGraham County Public Library414 N West67642(785) 421-2722
HillsboroHillsboro Public Library120 E. Grand Ave.67063(620) 947-3827
HoisingtonHoisington Public Library169 South Walnut67544(620) 653-4128
HoltonBeck-Bookman Library420 West 4th66436(785) 364-3532
HopeHope Community Library216 N. Main67451(785) 366-7219
HortonHorton Public Library809 1st Ave. East66439(785) 486-3326
HowardHoward City Library124 S. Wabash67349(630) 374-2890
HoxieSheridan County Public Library801 Royal Avenue67740(785) 675-3102
HugotonStevens County Library500 Monroe67951(620) 544-2301
HumboldtHumboldt Public Library916 Bridge66748(620) 473-2243
HutchinsonHutchinson Public Library901 N. Main67501(620) 663-5441
IndependenceIndependence Public Library220 East Maple67301(620) 331-3030
InmanInman Public Library100 N. Main67546(620) 585-2474
IolaIola Public Library218 East Madison66749(620) 365-3262
JamestownJamestown City Library311 D Walnut66948(785) 439-6258
JenningsJennings City Libraryp.o.box8467643(785) 678-2666
JetmoreJetmore Public Library308 Main Street67854(620) 357-8336
JewellJewell Public Library216 Delaware Street66949(785) 425-3630
JohnsonStanton County Public Library103 E Sherman67855(620) 492-2302
Junction CityDorothy Bramlage Public Library230 West Seventh Street66441(785) 238-4311
KanopolisKanopolis Public Library221 N. Kansas67454(785) 472-3053
Kansas CityArgentine Branch Library2800 Metropolitan Ave(913) 722-7400
Kansas CityKansas City, Kansas Public Library625 Minnesota Avenue66101(913) 551-3280
Kansas CityMr. And Mrs. F.L. Schlagle Library4051 West Drive(913) 299-2384
Kansas CityWest Wyandotte Branch Library1737 N. 82nd Street(913) 596-5800
KensingtonKensington Community-School Library203 S Jackson66951(785) 476-2219
KingmanKingman Carnegie Library455 North Main67068(620) 532-3061
KinsleyKinsley208 E. 8th St.67547(620) 659-3341
KiowaKiowa Public Library123 N 7th67070(620) 825-4630
KirwinKirwin City Library1st And Main67644(785) 543-6652
KismetKismet Public Library503 Main Street67859(620) 563-7357
La CrosseBarnard Library521 Elm67548(785) 222-2826
LacygneLibrary District 2 , Linn County206 N. Commercial66040(913) 757-2151
LacygneLibrary District 2 Of Linn County, La Cygne210 N. Commercial(913) 757-2151
LakinKearny County Library101 E. Prairie67860(620) 355-6674
LansingLansing Community Library730 1st Terrace, Suite 166043(913) 727-2929
LarnedJordaan Memorial Library724 Broadway67550(620) 285-2876
LawrenceLawrence Public Library707 Vermont Street66044(785) 843-3833
LawrenceNortheast Kansas Library System4317 W. 6th St.66049(785) 838-4090
LeavenworthLeavenworth Public Library417 Spruce Street66048(913) 682-5666
LeawoodJohnson County Library, Leawood4700 Town Center Drive(913) 344-0250
LebanonLebanon Community404 Main66952(785) 389-5711
LeboLebo Library327 Ogden(316) 256-6452
LenexaJohnson County Library, Lackman15345 West 87th Street Parkway(913) 752-8750
LenoraLenora Public Library110 N Main67645(785) 567-4432
LeonLeon Public Library113 S. Main67074(316) 742-3438
LeonardvilleLeonardville City Library117 N. Erpelding Rd66449(785) 293-5606
LeotiWichita County Library208 South Fourth67861(620) 375-4322
LeroyLeroy Library725 Main(316) 964-2321
LewisMeadowlark Library-Lewis208 Main St.67552(620) 324-5743
LiberalLiberal Memorial Library519 N. Kansas Avenue67901(620) 626-0180
LincolnLincoln Carnegie Library203 S Third67455(785) 524-4034
LindsborgLindsborg Community Library111 S. Main67456(785) 227-2710
LinwoodLinwood Community Library District 1302 Main Street66052(913) 301-3686
Little RiverLittle River Community Library125 Main Street67457(620) 897-6610
LoganLogan Public Library109 W. Main67646(785) 689-4333
Long IslandLong Island Community Library369 Washington67647(785) 854-7474
LongtonLongton Public Library512a Kansas Ave67352(620) 642-6012
LouisburgLibrary District 1, Miami County206 S. Broadway St.66053(913) 837-2217
LouisburgLouisburg Library206 S. Broadway66053(913) 837-2217
LucasLucas Public Library209 S. Main St.67648(785) 525-6305
LurayLuray City Library119 N. Main67649(785) 698-2208
LyndonLyndon Carnegie Library127 E 6th St66451(785) 828-4520
LyonsLyons Public Library201 West Main67554(620) 257-2961
MacksvilleMacksville City Library333 N. Main67557(620) 348-3555
MadisonMadison Public Library110 South 1st St.66860(620) 437-2634
ManhattanManhattan Public Library629 Poyntz Avenue66502(785) 776-4741
MankatoMankato City Library214 N High Ste 166956(785) 378-3885
MarionMarion City Library101 Library St66861(620) 382-2442
MarquetteMarquette Community Library121 North Washington67464(785) 546-2561
MarysvilleMarysville Public Library1009 Broadway66508(785) 562-2491
MccrackenMccracken Public Library303 Main67556(785) 394-2444
MccuneMccune Osage Township Library509 6th St.66753(620) 632-4112
MclouthMclouth Public Library215 South Union66054(913) 796-2225
McphersonMcpherson Public Library214 W. Marlin67460(620) 245-2570
MeadeMeade Public Library104 E. West Plains67864(620) 873-2522
Medicine LodgeLincoln Library201 N. Main67104(620) 886-5746
MeridenMeriden Community Library7272 K-4 Hwy, Ste D66512(785) 484-3393
MerriamJohnson County Library, Antioch Central8700 Shawnee Mission Pwky.(913) 384-8500
MinneapolisMinneapolis Public519 Delia Ave.67467(785) 392-3205
MinneolaMinneola City Library112 Main67865(620) 885-4749
MolineMoline Public Library107 N. Main67353(620) 647-3310
MontezumaMontezuma Township Library309 N. Aztec67867(620) 846-7032
MoranMoran Public Library335 N. Cedar66755(620) 237-4334
Mound CityMound City630 Main Street66056(913) 795-2788
Mound ValleyMound Valley Library411 Hickory67354(620) 328-3411
MoundridgeMoundridge Public Library220 S. Christian67107(620) 345-6355
Mt. HopeMt. Hope Public Library109 South Ohio67108(316) 667-2665
MulvaneMulvane Public Library101 East Main67110(316) 777-1211
NeodeshaNeodesha-W.A. Rankin Memorial502 Indiana66757(620) 325-3275
Ness CityNess City Public Library113 South Iowa67560(785) 798-3415
New StrawnNew Strawn Library365 North Main(316) 364-8910
NewtonNewton Public Library720 N Oak67114(316) 283-2890
NickersonNickerson Public Library23 N. Nickerson67561(620) 422-3361
NorcaturNorcatur Public Library301 E. Ossipee67653(785) 693-4225
North Kansas CityNorth Kansas City Public Library-High School Media Center2251 Howell Street(816) 221-3360
NortonNorthwest Kansas Library System2 Washington Square67654(785) 877-5148
NortonNorton Public Library1 Washington Square67654(785) 877-2481
NortonvilleNortonville Public Library407 Main66060(913) 886-2060
NorwichNorwich Public209 South Parkway67118(620) 478-2235
OakleyOakley Public Library700 West 3rd67748(785) 671-4776
OberlinOberlin City Library104 E. Oak67749(785) 475-2412
OlatheIndian Creek Branch Library1290 South Blackbob Road(913) 397-5235
OlatheOlathe Public Library201 E Park Street66061(913) 971-6850
OlsburgOlsburg Mini Library318 North 2nd Street(785) 468-3347
OnagaOnaga Branch313 Leonard Street(785) 889-4531
Osage CityLieber Public Library, Osage City214 S. 6th St.(913) 528-3727
Osage CityOsage City Public Library515 Main St.66523(785) 528-3727
OsawatomieOsawatomie Public Library527 Brown Avenue66064(913) 755-2136
OsborneOsborne Public Library325 W Main67473(785) 346-5486
OskaloosaOskaloosa Public Library315 Jefferson St.66066(785) 863-2475
OswegoOswego Public704 Fourth Street67356(620) 795-4921
OtisOtis Community Library122 South Main67565(785) 387-2287
OttawaOttawa Library105 S Hickory St66067(785) 242-3080
OverbrookOverbrook Public Library317 Maple66524(785) 665-7266
Overland ParkJohnson County Library9875 W. 87th Street66212(913) 495-2400
Overland ParkJohnson County Library, Blue Valley15185 South Lowell(913) 897-8200
Overland ParkJohnson County Library, Oak Park9500 Bluejacket(913) 752-8700
Overland ParkJohnson County Library, Shawnee Mission8826 Santa Fe(913) 967-8600
OxfordOxford Public Library115 South Sumner67119(620) 455-2221
PalcoPalco Public Library311 Main67657(785) 737-4286
PaolaPaola Free Library101 East Peoria66071(913) 259-3655
Park CityPark City Public Library1530 E. 61st St. N.67219(316) 744-6318
ParkerLibrary District 1 Of Linn County, Parker105 N. Main(913) 898-4650
ParkerLinn County Library District 1230 W. Main66072(913) 898-4650
ParsonsParsons Public Library311 S 17th Street67357(620) 421-5920
PartridgePartridge Public Library23 S Main67566(620) 567-2467
PeabodyPeabody Township Library214 N. Walnut66866(620) 983-2502
PhillipsburgPhillipsburg City Library888 Fourth Street67661(785) 543-5325
PittsburgPittsburg Public Library308 North Walnut66762(620) 231-8110
PlainsPlains Community Library500 Grand Ave.67869(620) 563-7326
PlainvillePlainville Memorial200 Sw 1st67663(785) 434-2786
PleasantonLincoln Library, Pleasanton9th Palm(913) 352-8257
PleasantonLinn County Library District 5904 Main Street66075(913) 352-8554
PomonaPomona Community Library219 Jefferson66076(785) 418-9932
PotwinPotwin Public Library126 N. Randall67123(620) 752-3421
Prairie ViewSunshine City Library207 Kansas67664(785) 973-2265
Prairie VillageJohnson County Library, Corinth8100 Mission Road(913) 967-8650
PrattPratt Public Library4th Jackson St.67124(620) 672-3041
PrescottPrescott City Library174 W. 3rd66767(913) 471-4593
Pretty PrairiePretty Prairie Public Library119 W. Main St.67570(620) 459-6392
ProtectionProtection Township Library404 North Broadway67127(620) 622-4886
QuinterJay Johnson Public Library411 Main Street67752(785) 754-2171
RandallRandall Public Library107 Main St.66963(785) 739-2331
RansomRansom Public Library411 S. Vermont67572(785) 731-2855
RepublicRae Hobson Memorial Library401 Pawnee Ave.66964(785) 361-2481
RichmondRichmond Public Library107 E. Central66080(785) 835-6163
RileyRiley City Library115 S. Broadway66531(785) 485-2978
Roeland ParkJohnson County Library, Cedar Roe5120 Cedar(913) 384-8547
RollaMorton County Library202 Third Street Rolla67954(620) 593-4328
Rose HillRose Hill Public Library306 N Rose Hill Rd67133(316) 776-3013
RossvilleRossville Community Library407 Main66533(785) 584-6454
RossvilleRossville Community Library407 Main(785) 584-6454
RussellRussell Public Library126 East 6th Street67665(785) 483-2742
SabethaMary Cotton Pubic Library915 Virginia66534(785) 284-3160
SalinaSalina Public Library301 W. Elm Street67401(785) 825-4624
SatantaDudley Township Library105 Sequoyah Street67870(620) 649-2213
SavonburgSavonburg Public Library101 S. Walnut St66772(620) 754-3835
ScandiaScandia City Library318 Fourth Street66966(785) 335-2271
Scott CityScott County Library110 W. 8th St.67871(620) 872-5341
SedanSedan Public Library115 N Chautauqua67361(620) 725-3405
SedgwickLillian Tear Library, Sedgwick112 W. 5th(316) 772-5727
SedgwickSedgwick-Lillian Tear501 Commercial67135(316) 772-5727
SeldenSelden Public Library109 S. Kansas Avenue67757(785) 386-4321
SenecaSeneca Free Library606 Main Street66538(785) 336-2377
SharonSharon Wisner Library102 South Broadway67138(620) 294-5472
SharonWisner Library102 S. Boardway67138(620) 294-5472
Sharon SpringsSharon Springs Public Library113 W.2nd67758(785) 852-4685
ShawneeJohnson County Library, Shawnee13811 Johnson Drive(913) 962-3800
Silver LakeSilver Lake Library203 Railroad66539(785) 582-5141
Smith CenterSmith Center Public Library117 W. Court66967(785) 282-3361
SolomonSolomon Public Library108 N. Walnut67480(785) 655-3521
South HavenSouth Haven Township Library104 W. Baird67140(620) 892-5268
South HutchinsonSouth Central Kansas Library System321 North Main Street67650(620) 663-3211
SpearvilleSpearville Township Library414 N. Main Street67876(620) 385-2501
Spring HillJohnson County Library, Spring Hill109 South Webster(913) 592-3232
St PaulGraves Memorial Public Library717 Central66771(620) 449-2001
St. FrancisSt. Francis Public Library121 N. Scott67756(785) 332-3292
St. JohnIda Long Goodman Memorial Library406 N. Monroe Ave67576(620) 549-3227
St. MarysPottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library306 N. 5th Street66536(785) 437-2778
St. MarysSt. Marys Library306 North 5th Street(785) 437-2778
StaffordNora E. Larabee Memorial Library108 North Union67578(620) 234-5762
SterlingSterling Free Public Library138 N. Broadway67579(620) 278-3191
StocktonStockton124 N. Cedar67669(785) 425-6372
SubletteHaskell Township Library700 West Chouteau67877(620) 675-2771
SummerfieldSummerfield Public Library300 Main St66541(785) 244-6531
Sylvan GroveSylvan Grove Public Library122 S Main67481(785) 526-7188
SylviaSylvia Public Library121 S. Main67581(620) 486-2472
SyracuseHamilton County Public Library102 W. Ave C67878(620) 384-5622
ThayerThayer Friday Reading Club City Library200 West Neosho Avenue66776(620) 839-5646
TonganoxieTonganoxie Public Library303 Bury St.66086(913) 845-3281
TopekaKansas State Historical Society6425 Sw Sixth Avenue(785) 272-8682
TopekaTopeka And Shawnee County Public Library1515 Sw 10th Ave66604(785) 580-4400
TorontoToronto Public Library107 W. Main St.66777(620) 637-2661
TowandaTowanda Public Library620 Highland67144(316) 536-2464
TribuneGreeley County Public Library517 Broadway67879(620) 376-4801
TroyLibrary District 1, Doniphan County105 N. Main66087(785) 985-2597
TuronTuron Community Library501 E. Price67583(620) 497-6409
UdallUdall Public Library109 E. First St67146(620) 782-3435
UlyssesGrant County Library215 E. Grant Ave.67880(620) 356-1433
UticaUtica Library Association249 N Ohio67584(785) 391-2419
Valley CenterEdna Buschow Memorial Library321 West 1st St.67147(316) 755-7350
Valley FallsDelaware Township Library421 Mary St. A66088(785) 945-3990
VermillionVermillion Public Library102 Main66544(785) 382-6227
ViolaViola Township100 N. Grice67149(620) 584-6679
WakeeneyWakeeney Public Library610 Russell Ave.67672(785) 743-2960
WakefieldWakefield Public Library205 Third Street67487(785) 461-5510
WalnutWalnut Public Library511 W. Robbins66780(620) 354-6794
WaltonWalton Community Library122 Main St67151(620) 837-3252
WamegoWamego Public Library431 Lincoln Avenue66547(785) 456-9181
WashingtonWashington Library116 E. 2nd66968(785) 325-2114
Washington TownshBern Community Library405 Main St66408(785) 336-3000
WatervilleWaterville Public Library129 E Commercial66548(785) 353-2769
WathenaWathena Branch Library206 St. Joseph(785) 989-4711
WaverlyWaverly Library608 Pearson(913) 733-2400
WeirWeir Public Library612 South Jefferson66781(620) 396-8899
WellingtonWellington Public121 West 7th67152(620) 326-2011
WellsvilleWellsville City Library115 W. 6th St.66092(785) 883-2870
WestmorelandWestmoreland Mini Library315 Main Street(785) 457-2841
WetmoreWetmore Public Library333 2nd St.66550(785) 866-2250
White CityWhite City Public Library111 E Mackenzie66872(785) 349-5551
WhitewaterWhitewater Memorial Library118 East Topeka67154(316) 799-2471
WichitaAlford Branch Library3447 S. Meridian(316) 337-9119
WichitaComotara Branch Library2244 N. Rock Road(316) 688-9350
WichitaEvergreen Branch Library2601 N. Arkansas(316) 303-8181
WichitaFord Rockwell Branch Library5939 E 9th(316) 688-9361
WichitaLinwood Park Branch Library1901 S Kansas(316) 337-9125
WichitaMaya Angelou Branch Library3051 E. 21st(316) 688-9580
WichitaOrchard Park Branch Library4808 W 9th(316) 337-9084
WichitaWestlink Branch Library8515 Bekemeyer(316) 337-9456
WichitaWichita Public Library223 S. Main St67202(316) 261-8500
WilliamsburgWilliamsburg Community Library107 S. Louisa66095(785) 746-5407
WilmoreWilmore Branch Librarypo box 276(316) 738-4464
WilseyElm Creek Township Library213 North 5th St.66873(785) 497-2289
WilsonLang Memorial2405 Ave. F67490(785) 658-3648
WinchesterWinchester Public Library203 Fourth Street66097(913) 774-4967
WinfieldWinfield Public Library605 College67156(620) 221-4470
Yates CenterYates Center Public Library218 N Main66783(620) 625-3341
ZendaZenda Public Library215 N. Main67159(620) 243-5791

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