AbingdonJohn Mosser Public Library District106 West Meek Street61410(309) 462-3129
AddisonAddison Public Library2 Friendship Plaza60101(630) 543-3617
AlbanyAlbany Public Library District302 South Main Street61230(309) 887-4193
AlbionAlbion Public Library6 North Fourth Street62806(618) 445-3314
AledoAledo Mercer Carnegie Public Library District200 N. College Av.(309) 582-2032
AledoMercer Carnegie Public Library District200 North College Avenue61231(309) 582-2032
AlexisAlexis Branch Library102 West Broadway(309) 482-6109
AlgonquinAlgonquin Area Public Library District2600 Harnish Drive60102(847) 458-6060
AlgonquinEastgate Branch115 Eastgate(847) 658-4343
AlsipAlsip-Merrionette Park Library District11960 South Pulaski Road60803(708) 371-5666
AltamontAltamont Public Library121 West Washington Avenue62411(618) 483-5457
Alto PassAlto Pass Branch Library25 N. Elm St.(618) 893-4920
AltonAlton Square Branch Library210 Alton Square(618) 463-1276
AltonHayner Public Library District326 Belle Street62002(618) 462-0677
AltonThe Hayner Public Library District326 Belle Street(618) 462-0651
AltonYouth Library401 State Street(618) 462-0652
AltonaRansom Memorial Public Library110 East Main Street61414(309) 484-6193
AmboyPankhurst Memorial Library3 South Jefferson Avenue61310(815) 857-3925
AndalusiaAndalusia Township Library503 Second Street West61232(309) 798-2542
AnnaStinson Memorial Public Library District409 South Main Street62906(618) 833-2521
AnnawanAnnawan-Alba Township Library320 West Front Street61234(309) 935-6483
AntiochAntioch Public Library District757 Main Street60002(847) 395-0874
ArcolaArcola Public Library District407 East Main Street61910(217) 268-4477
ArgentaArgenta-Oreana Public Library District100 East Water Street62501(217) 795-2144
Arlington HeightsArlington Heights Memorial Library500 North Dunton Avenue60004(847) 392-0100
ArthurArthur Public Library District225 South Walnut Street61911(217) 543-2037
AshlandAshland Public Library125 W. Editor(217) 476-3417
AshlandPrairie Skies Public Library District125 West Editor Street62612(217) 476-3417
AshleyAshley Public Library District70 North Second Street62808(618) 485-2295
AshtonMills Petrie Memorial Library And Gymnasium704 North First Street61006(815) 453-2213
AssumptionAssumption Public Library District205 North Oak Street62510(217) 226-3915
AstoriaAstoria Public Library District220 West Broadway61501(309) 329-2423
AthensAthens Municipal Library410 East Hargrave Street62613(217) 636-8047
AtkinsonAtkinson Public Library District119 West Main Street61235(309) 936-7606
AtlantaAtlanta Public Library District100 Race Street61723(217) 648-2112
AtwoodAtwood-Hammond Public Library District123 North Main Street61913(217) 578-2727
AuburnAuburn Public Library338 West Jefferson Street62615(217) 438-6211
AugustaGreater West Central Public Library District202 North Center Street62311(217) 392-2211
AugustaGreater West Central Public Library District202 Center St(217) 392-2211
AuroraAurora Public Library1 East Benton Street60505(630) 264-4100
AuroraEola Road Branch555 S. Eola Road(620) 264-3400
AuroraWest Branch233 S. Constitution Drive(630) 264-3600
AvonVillage Of Avon Public Library105 South Main Street61415(309) 465-3933
BarringtonBarrington Public Library District505 North Northwest Highway60010(847) 382-1300
BarryBarry Public Library880 Bainbridge Street62312(217) 335-2149
BartlettBartlett Public Library District800 South Bartlett Road60103(630) 837-2855
BartonvilleAlpha Park Public Library District3527 South Airport Road61607(309) 697-3822
BataviaBatavia Public Library District10 South Batavia Avenue60510(630) 879-1393
BeardstownBeardstown Houston Memorial Public Library13 Boulevard Road62618(217) 323-4204
Bedford ParkBedford Park Public Library District7816 West 65th Place60501(708) 458-6826
BeecherBeecher Public Library District660 Penfield Street60401(708) 946-9090
Beecher CityBeecher City Branch Library205 S. Sweazy St.
BellevilleBelleville Public Library121 East Washington Street62220(618) 234-0441
BellevilleWest Branch3414 West Main Street(618) 233-4366
BellwoodBellwood Public Library600 Bohland Avenue60104(708) 547-7393
BelvidereIda Public Library320 North State Street61008(815) 544-3838
BementBement Public Library District349 South Macon Street61813(217) 678-7101
BenldFrank Bertetti Benld Public Library308 East Central Avenue62009(217) 835-4045
BensenvilleBensenville Community Public Library District200 South Church Road60106(630) 766-4642
BentonBenton Public Library District502 South Main Street62812(618) 438-7511
BerkeleyBerkeley Public Library1637 North Taft Avenue60163(708) 544-6017
BerwynBerwyn Public Library2701 South Harlem Avenue60402(708) 795-8000
BethaltoBethalto Public Library District321 South Prairie Street62010(618) 377-8141
BethanyMarrowbone Public Library District216 West Main Street61914(217) 665-3014
BiggsvilleHenderson County Public Library District110 Hill Crest Drive61418(309) 627-2450
BlandinsvilleBlandinsville-Hire Library District130 South Main Street61420(309) 652-3166
BloomingdaleBloomingdale Public Library101 Fairfield Way60108(630) 529-3120
BloomingtonBloomington Public Library205 East Olive Street61701(309) 828-6091
Blue IslandBlue Island Public Library2433 York Street60406(708) 388-1078
Blue MoundBlue Mound Memorial Library District213 North Saint Marie Street62513(217) 692-2774
BluffsBluffs Public Library110 North Bluff Street62621(217) 754-3804
BolingbrookFountaindale Public Library District300 West Briarcliff Road60440(630) 759-2102
BourbonnaisBourbonnais Public Library District250 West John Casey Road60914(815) 933-1727
BowenBowen Branch116 Fifth St(217) 842-5573
BradfordBradford Public Library District111 South Peoria Street61421(309) 897-8400
BradleyBradley Public Library District296 North Fulton Avenue60915(815) 932-6245
BraidwoodFossil Ridge Public Library District386 West Kennedy Road60408(815) 458-2187
BreeseBreese Public Library530 North Third Street62230(618) 526-7361
BridgeviewBridgeview Public Library7840 West 79th Street60455(708) 458-2880
BrightonBrighton Memorial Public Library110 North Main Street62012(618) 372-8450
BrimfieldBrimfield Public Library District111 South Galena Street61517(309) 446-9575
BrimfieldBrimfield Public Library District111 S. Galena Street(309) 446-9575
BroadviewBroadview Public Library District2226 South 16th Avenue60155(708) 345-1325
BrookfieldBrookfield Public Library3609 Grand Boulevard60513(708) 485-6917
BrusselsSouth County Public Library District106 West Main Street62013(618) 883-2522
BudaMason Memorial Public Library104 West Main Street61314(309) 895-7701
Bunker HillBunker Hill Public Library District220 East Warren Street62014(618) 585-4736
BurbankPrairie Trails Public Library District8449 South Moody Avenue60459(708) 430-3688
BureauLeepertown Township Public Library201 East Nebraska Street61315(815) 659-3283
BushnellBushnell Public Library District455 North Dean Street61422(309) 772-2060
ByronByron Public Library District109 North Franklin Street61010(815) 234-5107
CahokiaCahokia Public Library District140 Cahokia Park Drive62206(618) 332-1491
CairoCairo Public Library1609 Washington Avenue62914(618) 734-1840
Calumet CityCalumet City Public Library660 Manistee Avenue60409(708) 862-6220
Calumet ParkCalumet Park Public Library1500 West 127th Street60827(708) 385-5768
CambridgeCambridge Public Library District212 West Center Street61238(309) 937-2233
Camp PointCamp Point Public Library District206 East State Street62320(217) 593-7021
CanaryvilleCanaryville Branch642 W. 43rd Street60609(312) 747-0644
CantonParlin-Ingersoll Public Library205 West Chestnut Street61520(309) 647-0328
CarbondaleCarbondale Public Library405 West Main Street(618) 457-0354
CarbondaleCarbondale Public Library405 West Main Street62901(618) 457-0354
CarlinvilleCarlinville Public Library510 North Broad Street62626(217) 854-3505
CarlockCarlock Public Library District202 East Washington Street61725(309) 376-5651
CarlockWhite Oak Township Public Library District202 E. Washington(309) 376-5651
CarlyleCase-Halstead Public Library571 Franklin Street62231(618) 594-5210
CarmiCarmi Public Library103 Slocumb Street62821(618) 382-5277
Carol StreamCarol Stream Public Library616 Hiawatha Drive60188(630) 653-0755
Carrier MillsCarrier Mills-Stonefort Public Library District109 Oak Street62917(618) 994-2011
CarrolltonCarrollton Public Library509 South Main Street62016(217) 942-6715
CartervilleAnne West Lindsey Carterville District Library And Nature Pa117 South Division Street62918(618) 985-3298
CartervilleCarterville Public Library117 S. Division Street(618) 985-3298
CarthageCarthage Public Library District500 Wabash Avenue62321(217) 357-3232
CaryCary Area Public Library District1606 Three Oaks Road60013(847) 639-4210
CaseyCasey Township Library307 East Main Street62420(217) 932-2105
CaseyvilleCaseyville Public Library District419 South Second Street62232(618) 345-5848
CatlinCatlin Public Library District101 Mapleleaf Drive61817(217) 427-2550
CentraliaAllen Mccarthy Branch Library1500 Case(618) 533-9625
CentraliaCentralia Regional Library District515 East Broadway Avenue62801(618) 532-5222
CentrevilleCentreville Public Library701 South 47th Street62207(618) 271-2040
Cerro GordoHope Welty Public Library District100 South Madison Street61818(217) 763-5001
ChadwickChadwick Public Library District110 Main Street61014(815) 684-5215
ChampaignChampaign Public Library200 West Green Street61820(217) 403-2050
ChampaignDouglass Branch Library504 E. Grove St.(217) 403-2090
ChannahonThree Rivers Public Library District25207 West Channon Drive60410(815) 467-6200
CharlestonCharleston Carnegie Public Library712 Sixth Street61920(217) 345-4913
ChathamChatham Area Public Library District600 East Spruce Street62629(217) 483-2713
ChatsworthChatsworth Township Library432 East Locust Street60921(815) 635-3004
ChenoaChenoa Public Library District211 South Division Street61726(815) 945-4253
Cherry ValleyCherry Valley Public Library District755 East State Street61016(815) 332-5161
ChesterChester Public Library733 State Street62233(618) 826-3711
ChicagoAlbany Park Branch5150 N. Kimball Avenue(312) 744-1933
ChicagoAltgeld Branch950 E. 132nd Place(312) 747-5952
ChicagoArcher Heights Branch5055 S. Archer Avenue(312) 747-9241
ChicagoAustin Branch5615 W. Race Avenue(312) 746-5038
ChicagoAustin-Irving Branch6100 W. Irving Park Road(312) 744-6222
ChicagoAvalon Branch8828 S. Stony Island(312) 747-5234
ChicagoBack Of The Yards Branch4650 S. Damen Avenue(312) 747-8367
ChicagoBessie Coleman Branch731 E. 63rd Street(312) 747-7760
ChicagoBeverly Branch2121 W. 95th Street(312) 747-9673
ChicagoBezazian Branch1226 W. Ainslie Street(312) 744-0019
ChicagoBlackstone Branch4904 S. Lake Park Avenue(312) 747-0511
ChicagoBrainerd Branch1350 W. 89th Street(312) 747-6291
ChicagoBrighton Park Branch4314 Archer Avenue(312) 747-0666
ChicagoBucktown-Wicker Park Branch1701 N. Milwaukee Ave.(312) 744-6022
ChicagoBudlong Woods Branch5630 N. Lincoln Avenue(312) 742-9590
ChicagoChicago Bee Branch3647 S. State Street60609(312) 747-6872
ChicagoChicago Lawn Branch6120 S. Kedzie Avenue60629(312) 747-0639
ChicagoChicago Public Library400 South State Street60605(312) 747-4999
ChicagoChinatown Branch2353 S. Wentworth Avenue(312) 747-8013
ChicagoClearing Branch6423 W. 63rd Place(312) 747-5657
ChicagoDouglass Branch3353 W. 13th Street(312) 747-3725
ChicagoDunning Branch7455 W. Cornelia Avenue60634(312) 743-0480
ChicagoEckhart Park Branch1371 W. Chicago Avenue(312) 746-6069
ChicagoEdgebrook Branch5331 W. Devon Avenue(312) 744-8313
ChicagoEdgewater Branch1210 W. Elmdale Avenue(312) 744-0718
ChicagoGage Park Branch2807 W. 55th Street(312) 747-0032
ChicagoGalewood-Mont Clare Branch6969 W. Grand Avenue(312) 746-5032
ChicagoGarfield Ridge Branch6348 Archer Avenue(312) 747-6094
ChicagoGreater Grand Crossing Branch1000 East 73rd Street60619(312) 745-1608
ChicagoHall Branch4801 S. Michigan Avenue(312) 747-2541
ChicagoHarold Washington Library Center(Main Library)400 S. State Street(312) 747-4999
ChicagoHegewisch Branch3048 E. 130th Street(312) 747-0046
ChicagoHumboldt Park1605 N. Troy Street60647(312) 744-2244
ChicagoIndependence Branch3548 W. Irving Park Road(312) 744-0900
ChicagoJefferson Park Branch5363 W. Lawrence Avenue(312) 744-1998
ChicagoJeffery Manor Branch2401 East 100th Street(312) 747-6479
ChicagoJohn Merlo Branch644 W. Belmont Avenue(312) 744-1139
ChicagoKelly Branch6151 S. Normal Boulvard(312) 747-8418
ChicagoLegler Branch (Marshall Square)115 S. Pulaski Road(312) 746-7730
ChicagoLincoln Belmont Branch1659 W. Melrose Avenue(312) 744-0166
ChicagoLincoln Park Branch1150 W. Fullerton Avenue(312) 744-1926
ChicagoLittle Village Branch2311 S. Kedzie60623
ChicagoLogan Square Branch3255 W. Altgeld Street(312) 744-5295
ChicagoMabel Manning Branch6 S. Hoyne Avenue(312) 746-6800
ChicagoMartin Luther King, Jr. Branch3436 S. King Drive(312) 747-7543
ChicagoMayfair Branch4400 W. Lawrence Avenue(312) 744-1254
ChicagoMckinley Park Branch1915 W. 35th Street(312) 747-6082
ChicagoMidwest Branch2335 W. Chicago Avenue(312) 744-7788
ChicagoMount Greenwood Branch11010 S. Kedzie Avenue(312) 747-2805
ChicagoNear North Branch310 W. Division Street(312) 744-0991
ChicagoNorth Austin Branch5724 W. North Avenue(312) 746-4233
ChicagoNorth Pulaski Branch4300 W. North Avenue(312) 744-9573
ChicagoNorthtown Branch6435 N. California(312) 744-2292
ChicagoOriole Park Branch5201 N. Oketo Avenue(312) 744-1965
ChicagoPortage-Cragin Branch5108 W. Belmont Avenue(312) 744-0152
ChicagoPullman Branch11001 S. Indiana Avenue(312) 747-2033
ChicagoRichard J. Daley Branch3400 S. Halsted Street(312) 747-8990
ChicagoRichard M. Daley-W Humboldt Branch1605 N. Troy Street(312) 744-2244
ChicagoRoden Branch6083 Northwest Hwy. 60631(312) 744-1478
ChicagoRogers Park Branch6907 N. Clark Street(312) 744-0156
ChicagoRoosevelt Branch1101 W. Taylor Street(312) 746-5656
ChicagoRudy Lozano Branch1805 S. Loomis Street(312) 746-4329
ChicagoScottsdale Branch4101 W. 79th Street(312) 747-0193
ChicagoSherman Park Branch5440 S. Racine Avenue(312) 747-0477
ChicagoSouth Chicago Branch9055 S. Houston Avenue(312) 747-8065
ChicagoSouth Shore Branch2505 E. 73rd Street(312) 747-5281
ChicagoSulzer Regional4455 N. Lincoln Avenue(312) 744-7616
ChicagoThurgood Marshall Branch7506 S. Racine Avenue(312) 747-5927
ChicagoToman Branch4005 W. 27th Street(312) 747-8114
ChicagoTuley Park Branch501 E. 90th Place(312) 747-7608
ChicagoUptown Branch929 W. Buena Avenue(312) 744-8400
ChicagoVodak East Side Branch10542 S. Ewing Avenue(312) 747-5500
ChicagoWalker Branch11071 S. Hoyne Avenue(312) 747-1920
ChicagoWater Works Branch163 E. Pearson Street60611(312) 742-8811
ChicagoWest Addison Branch7536 W. Addison Street(312) 746-4704
ChicagoWest Belmont Branch3104 N. Narragansett Avenue(312) 746-5142
ChicagoWest Chicago Avenue Branch4856 W. Chicago Ave.(312) 743-0260
ChicagoWest Englewood Branch1745 W. 63rd Street(312) 747-3481
ChicagoWest Lawn Branch4020 W. 63rd Street(312) 747-7381
ChicagoWest Pullman Branch830 W. 119th Street(312) 747-1425
ChicagoWest Town Branch1625 W. Chicago Avenue60622(312) 743-0450
ChicagoWhitney M. Young, Jr. Branch7901 S. King Drive(312) 747-0039
ChicagoWoodson Regional Library9525 S. Halsted Street(312) 747-6900
ChicagoWrightwood-Ashburn Branch8530 S. Kedzie Avenue(321) 747-2696
Chicago HeightsChicago Heights Public Library25 West Fifteenth Street60411(708) 754-0323
Chicago RidgeChicago Ridge Public Library10400 South Oxford Avenue60415(708) 423-7753
ChillicotheChillicothe Public Library District430 North Bradley Avenue61523(309) 274-2719
ChrismanChrisman Public Library108 North Illinois Street61924(217) 269-3011
ChristopherChristopher Public Library202 East Market Street62822(618) 724-7534
CiceroCicero Public Library5225 West Cermak Road60804(708) 652-8084
CiceroCicero Public Library South Branch5444 W. 34th Street(708) 863-8440
CiscoWillow Branch Township Library330 North Eldon Street61830(217) 669-2312
Cissna ParkCissna Park Community Library District511 North Second Street60924(815) 457-2452
Clarendon HillsClarendon Hills Public Library7 North Prospect Avenue60514(630) 323-8188
ClaytonClayton Public Library District211 East Main Street62324(217) 894-6519
CliftonCentral Citizens Library District1134 East 3100 North Road60927(815) 694-2800
CliftonClifton Public Library150 East Fourth Avenue60927(815) 694-2069
ClintonVespasian Warner Public Library District310 North Quincy Street61727(217) 935-5174
Coal CityCoal City Public Library District85 North Garfield Street60416(815) 634-4552
Coal ValleyRobert R. Jones Public Library District900 First Street61240(309) 799-3047
CobdenCobden Branch Library100 S. Front St.(618) 893-4637
ColchesterColchester District Library203 Macomb Street62326(309) 776-4861
ColfaxMartin Township Public Library132 West Main Street61728(309) 723-2541
CollinsvilleCollinsville Memorial Public Library408 West Main St.(618) 344-1112
CollinsvilleMississippi Valley Public Library District408 West Main Street62234(618) 344-1112
ColonaColona District Public Library911 First Street61241(309) 792-0548
ColumbiaColumbia Public Library106 North Metter Avenue62236(618) 281-4237
CordovaCordova District Library402 Main Avenue61242(309) 654-2330
CornellAmity Township Public Library604 East Main Street61319(815) 358-2231
CortlandCortland Community Library63 South Somonauk Road60112(815) 756-7274
CoultervilleCoulterville Public Library103 South Fourth Street62237(618) 758-3013
CowdenDry Point Township Librarypo box 27562422(217) 783-2616
Crest HillCrest Hill Branch Library1298 Theodore Street(815) 725-0234
CrestonCreston-Dement Public Library District107 South Main Street60113(815) 384-3111
CrestwoodCrestwood Public Library District4955 West 135th Street60445(708) 371-4090
CreteCrete Public Library District1177 North Main Street60417(708) 672-8017
Creve CoeurCreve Coeur Public Library District311 North Highland Street61610(309) 699-7921
Crystal LakeCrystal Lake Public Library126 Paddock Street60014(815) 459-1687
CubaSpoon River Library District201 South Third Street61427(309) 785-5496
CutlerCutler Public Library409 South Main Street62238(618) 497-2961
DahlgrenDahlgren Public Librarypo box 23762828(618) 736-2652
DanversDanvers Township Library105 South West Street61732(309) 963-4269
DanvilleDanville Public Library319 North Vermilion Street61832(217) 477-5220
DarienIndian Prairie Public Library District401 Plainfield Road60561(630) 887-8760
DecaturDecatur Public Library130 North Franklin Street62523(217) 424-2900
Deer CreekDeer Creek District Library205 East First Avenue61733(309) 447-6724
DeerfieldDeerfield Public Library920 Waukegan Road60015(847) 945-3311
DekalbDekalb Public Library309 Oak Street60115(815) 756-9568
DelandGoose Creek Township Carnegie Library130 North Highway Avenue61839(217) 664-3572
DelavanAyer Public Library District208 Locust Street61734(309) 244-8236
DepueSelby Township Library District101 Depot Street61322(815) 447-2660
Des PlainesDes Plaines Public Library1501 Ellinwood Street60016(847) 827-5551
DivernonDivernon Township Library221 South Second Street62530(217) 628-3813
DivernonDivernon Township Library221 South Second(217) 628-3813
DixonDixon Public Library221 South Hennepin Avenue61021(815) 284-7261
DoltonDolton Public Library District14037 Lincoln Avenue60419(708) 849-2385
DongolaDongola Public Library District114 North East Front Street62926(618) 827-3622
Downers GroveDowners Grove Public Library1050 Curtiss Street60515(630) 960-1200
Du QuoinDu Quoin Public Library28 South Washington St.(618) 542-5045
DunlapDunlap Public Library District302 South First Street61525(309) 243-5716
DupoDaugherty Public Library District220 South Fifth Street62239(618) 286-4444
DuquoinDuquoin Public Library28 South Washington Street62832(618) 542-5045
DwightPrairie Creek Public Library District501 Carriage House Lane60420(815) 584-3061
EarlvilleEarl Township Public Library205 Winthrop Street(815) 246-9543
EarlvilleEarlville Public Library District205 Winthrop Street60518(815) 246-9543
East AltonEast Alton Public Library District250 Washington Avenue62024(618) 259-0787
East DubuqueEast Dubuque District Library122 Wisconsin Avenue61025(815) 747-3052
East DundeeDundee Township Public Library District555 Barrington Avenue60118(847) 428-3661
East MolineEast Moline Public Library740 Sixteenth Avenue61244(309) 755-9614
East PeoriaFondulac Public Library District140 East Washington Street61611(309) 699-3917
East PeoriaSpring Bay Branch411 Illinois Street(309) 822-0444
East St LouisEast St. Louis Public Library5300 State Street62203(618) 397-0991
EdwardsvilleEdwardsville Public Library112 South Kansas Street62025(618) 692-7556
EffinghamHelen Matthes Library100 East Market Avenue62401(217) 342-2464
El PasoEl Paso Public Library149 West First Street61738(309) 527-4360
ElburnTown And Country Public Library District320 East North Street60119(630) 365-2244
EldoradoEldorado Memorial Public Library District1001 Grant Street62930(618) 273-7922
ElginGail Borden Public Library District270 North Grove Avenue60120(847) 742-2411
ElizabethElizabeth Township Library210 East Myrtle Street61028(815) 858-2212
Elk Grove VillageElk Grove Village Public Library1001 Wellington Avenue60007(847) 439-0447
ElkhartElkhart Public Library District121 East Bohan Street62634(217) 947-2313
ElkvilleRick Warren Memorial Public Library District114 South Fourth Street62932(618) 568-1843
ElmhurstElmhurst Public Library125 South Prospect Avenue60126(630) 279-8696
ElmwoodMorrison Mary Wiley Library206 West Main Street61529(309) 742-2431
Elmwood ParkElmwood Park Public Library1 Conti Parkway60707(708) 453-7645
EnfieldEnfield Reading Center111 E. Main St.(618) 963-2787
ErieErie Public Library District802 8th Avenue61250(309) 659-2707
EurekaEureka Public Library District202 South Main Street61530(309) 467-2922
EvanstonEvanston Public Library1703 Orrington Avenue60201(847) 448-8600
EvanstonNorth Branch2026 Central Street(847) 866-0330
EvanstonSouth Branch949 Chicago Avenue(847) 866-0333
EvansvilleCentral Public Library District701 Oak Street A62242(618) 853-4081
EvansvilleEvansville Public Library602 Public Street62242(618) 853-4067
Evergreen ParkEvergreen Park Public Library9400 South Troy Avenue60805(708) 422-8522
FairburyDominy Memorial Library201 South Third Street61739(815) 692-3231
FairfieldFairfield Public Library300 South East Second Street62837(618) 842-4516
FairmountVance Township Library107 South Main Street61841(217) 733-2164
FairviewValley District Library515 Carter Street61432(309) 778-2240
Fairview HeightsFairview Heights Public Library10017 Bunkum Road62208(618) 489-2070
Farmer CityFarmer City Public Library109 East Green Street61842(309) 928-9532
FarmersvilleFarmersville-Waggoner Public Library District210 South Cleveland Street62533(217) 227-3711
FarmingtonFarmington Area Library District266 East Fort Street61531(309) 245-2175
Flat RockSusie Wesley Memorial Library105 South Main St.(618) 584-3636
FloraFlora Public Library216 North Main Street62839(618) 662-6553
FlossmoorFlossmoor Public Library1000 Sterling Avenue60422(708) 798-3600
Ford HeightsFord Heights Public Library District800 East 14th Street(708) 757-0551
Forest ParkForest Park Public Library7555 Jackson Boulevard60130(708) 366-7171
ForrestForrest Public Library District301 West James Street61741(815) 657-8805
ForrestonForreston Public Library204 First Avenue61030(815) 938-2624
ForsythForsyth Public Library268 South Elwood Street62535(217) 877-8174
Fox LakeFox Lake Public Library District255 East Grand Avenue60020(847) 587-0198
Fox River GroveFox River Grove Public Library District407 Lincoln Avenue60021(847) 639-2274
FrankfortFrankfort Public Library District21119 South Pfeiffer Road60423(815) 469-2423
Franklin GroveFranklin Grove Public Library112 South Elm Street61031(815) 456-2823
Franklin GroveWinifred Knox Memorial Library112 S. Elm St.(815) 456-2823
Franklin ParkFranklin Park Public Library District10311 Grand Avenue60131(847) 455-6016
FreeburgFreeburg Area Library District407 South Belleville Street62243(618) 539-5454
FreeportFreeport Public Library100 East Douglas Street61032(815) 233-3000
FultonSchmaling Memorial Public Library District501 Tenth Avenue61252(815) 589-2045
GalatiaGalatia Public Library District217 South Main Cross Street62935(618) 268-9200
GalenaGalena Public Library District601 South Bench Street61036(815) 777-0200
GalesburgGalesburg Public Library40 East Simmons Street61401(309) 343-6118
GalvaGalva Public Library District120 Northwest Third Avenue61434(309) 932-2180
GeneseoGeneseo Public Library District218 South State Street61254(309) 944-6452
GenevaGeneva Public Library District227 South Seventh Street60134(630) 232-0780
GenoaGenoa Public Library District232 West Main Street60135(815) 784-2627
GeorgetownGeorgetown Public Library102 West West Street61846(217) 662-2164
GermantownGermantown Public Library District403 Munster Street62245(618) 523-4820
Gibson CityMoyer District Library307 North Sangamon Avenue60936(217) 784-5343
GillespieGillespie Public Library201 West Chestnut Street62033(217) 839-3614
GilmanGilman-Danforth District Library715 North Maple Street60938(815) 265-7522
GilsonGilson Branch1261 Harding Street(309) 876-2300
GirardGirard Township Library201 West Madison Street62640(217) 627-2414
Glen CarbonGlen Carbon Centennial Library198 South Main Street62034(618) 288-1212
Glen EllynGlen Ellyn Public Library400 Duane Street60137(630) 469-0879
GlencoeGlencoe Public Library320 Park Avenue60022(847) 835-5056
Glendale HeightsGlenside Public Library District25 East Fullerton Avenue60139(630) 260-1550
GlenviewGlenview Public Library1930 Glenview Road60025(847) 729-7500
GlenwoodGlenwood-Lynwood Public Library District320 East Glenwood Lansing Road60425(708) 758-0090
GolcondaGolconda Public Library126 West Main Street62938(618) 683-6531
GoldenGolden Branch309 Quincy(217) 696-2428
Grand TowerGrand Tower Public Library111 Walnut Street62942(618) 565-2181
Granite CityGranite City Branch2145 Johnson Road
Granite CitySix Mile Regional Library District2001 Delmar Avenue62040(618) 452-6238
Grant ParkGrant Park Public Library107 West Taylor Street60940(815) 465-6047
GranvilleGranville Branch Library212 S. Mccoy Street(815) 339-2480
GrayslakeGrayslake Area Public Library District100 Library Lane60030(847) 223-5313
GrayvilleGrayville Carnegie Public Library110 West Mill Street62844(618) 375-7121
GreenfieldGreenfield Public Library515 Chestnut Street62044(217) 368-2613
GreenupGreenup Township Public Library101 North Franklin Street62428(217) 923-3616
GreenvilleGreenville Public Library414 West Main Street62246(618) 664-3115
GridleyGridley Public Library District320 Center Street61744(309) 747-2284
GriggsvilleGriggsville Public Library119 South Corey Street62340(217) 833-2633
GurneeWarren-Newport Public Library District224 North Oplaine Road60031(847) 244-5150
HamiltonHamilton Public Library861 Broadway62341(217) 847-2219
HammondHammond Branch1st Don Ryan Street(217) 262-3323
HampshireElla Johnson Memorial Public Library District109 South State Street60140(847) 683-4490
HanoverHanover Township Library204 Jefferson Street61041(815) 591-3517
Hanover ParkHanover Park Branch Library1570 Irving Park Road(630) 372-7800
Hanover ParkPoplar Creek Hanover Park4300 Audrey Lane(630) 372-0052
HarrisburgHarrisburg Public Library District2 West Walnut Street(618) 253-7455
HarrisburgHarrisburg Public Library District2 West Walnut Street62946(618) 253-7455
HartfordHartford Public Library District143 West Hawthorne Street62048(618) 254-9394
HarvardHarvard Diggins Library900 East Mckinley Street60033(815) 943-4671
HarveyHarvey Public Library District15441 Turlington Avenue60426(708) 331-0757
Harwood HeightsEisenhower Public Library District4613 North Oketo Avenue60706(708) 867-7828
HavanaHavana Public Library District201 West Adams Street62644(309) 543-4701
Hazel CrestGrande Prairie Public Library District3479 West 183rd Street60429(708) 798-5563
HeckerHecker Public Library151 West Monroe Street62248(618) 473-3022
HennepinHennepin Headquarters214 N. Fourth Street(815) 925-7020
HennepinPutnam County Public Library District214 North Fourth Street61327(815) 925-7020
HenryHenry Public Library702 Front Street61537(309) 364-2516
HerrickHerrick Township Public Library303 North Broadway Street62431(618) 428-5223
HerrinHerrin City Library120 North 13th Street62948(618) 942-6109
HeyworthHeyworth Public Library District119 East Main Street61745(309) 473-2313
HighlandLouis Latzer Memorial Public Library1001 Ninth Street62249(618) 654-5066
Highland ParkHighland Park Public Library494 Laurel Avenue60035(847) 432-0216
HighwoodHighwood Public Library102 Highwood Avenue60040(847) 432-5404
HillsboroHillsboro Public Library214 School Street62049(217) 532-3055
HillsdaleMoore Memorial Library District509 Main Street61257(309) 658-2666
HillsideHillside Public Library405 North Hillside Avenue60162(708) 449-7510
HinckleyHinckley Public Library District100 North Maple Street60520(815) 286-3220
HinsdaleHinsdale Public Library20 East Maple Street60521(630) 986-1976
HodgkinsHodgkins Public Library District6500 Wenz Avenue60525(708) 579-1844
HoffmanHoffman Area Branch Library100 N. Broadway(618) 495-9955
Hoffman EstatesHoffman Estates Branch Library1550 Hassell Road(847) 885-3511
HomerHomer Community Library500 East Second Street61849(217) 896-2121
Homer GlenHomer Township Public Library District14320 West 151st Street60491(708) 301-7908
HometownHometown Public Library4331 Southwest Highway60456(708) 636-0997
HomewoodHomewood Public Library District17917 Dixie Highway60430(708) 798-0121
HoopestonHoopeston Public Library District110 North Fourth Street60942(217) 283-6711
Hopkins ParkPembroke Public Library District13795 East Central Street60944(815) 944-8609
HudsonHudson Area Public Library District104 Pearl Street61748(309) 726-1103
HullKinderhook Township Public Library District665 Southwest Lee Evans Drive62343(217) 432-1030
HuntleyHuntley Area Public Library District11000 Ruth Road60142(847) 669-5386
HutsonvilleHutsonville Public Library104 South Main,(618) 563-9603
IlliopolisIlliopolis-Niantic Public Library District401 Sixth And Mary Street62539(217) 486-5561
IrvingtonIrvington Branch Library500 Superior(618) 249-8243
ItascaItasca Community Library500 West Irving Park Road60143(630) 773-1699
JacksonvilleJacksonville Public Library201 West College Avenue62650(217) 243-5435
JerseyvilleJerseyville Public Library105 North Liberty Street62052(618) 498-9514
JohnsburgJohnsburg Public Library District3000 North Johnsburg Road60051(815) 344-0077
Johnston CityJohnston City Public Library506 Washington Avenue62951(618) 983-6359
JolietBlack Road Branch3395 W. Black Road(815) 740-2660
JolietJoliet Public Library150 North Ottawa Street60432(815) 740-2660
JonesboroJonesboro Public Library412 South Main Street62952(618) 833-8121
JusticeJustice Public Library District7641 South Oak Grove Avenue60458(708) 496-1790
KanevilleKaneville Public Library District2 South 101 Harter Road60144(630) 557-2441
KankakeeKankakee Public Library201 East Merchant Street60901(815) 939-4564
KankakeeLimestone Township Library2701 West Tower Road60901(815) 939-1696
KansasKansas Community Memorial Library107 North Front Street61933(217) 948-5484
KansasKansas Community Memorial Library107 N. Front St.(217) 948-5484
KewaneeKewanee Public Library District102 South Tremont Street61443(309) 852-4505
KinmundyKinmundy Public Library111 South Monroe Street62854(618) 547-3250
KirklandKirkland Public Library513 West Main Street60146(815) 522-6260
KirkwoodKirkwood Branch Library134 South Kirk(309) 768-2173
KnoxvilleKnoxville Public Library200 East Main Street61448(309) 289-2113
La SalleLasalle Public Library305 Marquette Street61301(815) 223-2341
LaconLacon Public Library District205 Sixth Street61540(309) 246-2855
LaddLadd Public Library District125 North Main Street61329(815) 894-3254
LaddLadd Public Library District125 N. Main St.(815) 894-3254
LafayetteIra C. Reed Public Library302 Commercial Street61449(309) 995-3042
LagrangeLagrange Public Library10 West Cossitt Avenue60525(708) 352-0576
Lagrange ParkLagrange Park Public Library District555 North La Grange Road60526(708) 352-0100
LaharpeLaharpe Carnegie Public Library District209 East Main Street61450(217) 659-7729
Lake BluffLake Bluff Public Library123 East Scranton Avenue60044(847) 234-2540
Lake ForestLake Forest Library360 East Deerpath Road60045(847) 234-0636
Lake VillaLake Villa Public Library District1001 East Grand Avenue60046(847) 356-7711
Lake ZurichEla Area Public Library District275 Mohawk Trail60047(847) 438-3433
LamoilleLamoille-Clarion Public Library District81 Main Street61330(815) 638-2356
LanarkLanark Public Library110 West Carroll Street61046(815) 493-2166
LanarkLanark Public Library110 W Carroll St(815) 493-2166
LansingLansing Public Library2750 Indiana Avenue60438(708) 474-2447
LawrencevilleLawrence Public Library District814 Twelfth Street62439(618) 943-3016
Leaf RiverBertolet Memorial Library District705 Main Street61047(815) 738-2742
LebanonLebanon Public Library314 West Saint Louis Street62254(618) 537-4504
LemontLemont Public Library District50 East Wend Street60439(630) 257-6541
LenaLena Community District Library300 West Mason Street61048(815) 369-3180
LewistownLewistown Carnegie Public Library District321 West Lincoln Avenue61542(309) 547-2860
LexingtonLexington Public Library District207 South Cedar Street61753(309) 365-7801
LibertyvilleCook Memorial Public Library District413 North Milwaukee Avenue60048(847) 362-2330
LincolnLincoln Public Library District725 Pekin Street62656(217) 732-5732
LincolnshireVernon Area Public Library District300 Olde Half Day Road60069(847) 634-3650
LincolnshireVernon Area Public Library District300 Olde Half Day Road(847) 634-3650
LincolnwoodLincolnwood Public Library District4000 West Pratt Avenue60712(847) 677-5277
LisleLisle Library District777 Front Street60532(630) 971-1675
LitchfieldLitchfield Carnegie Public Library400 North State Street62056(217) 324-3866
LittletonLittleton Branch110 Center St(309) 257-2202
LockportLockport Branch Library121 East Eighth Street60441(815) 838-0755
LockportWhite Oak Library District121 East Eighth Street60441(815) 838-0755
LodaA. Herr Smith E.E. Smith Library105 East Adams60948(217) 386-2783
LoganLogan Reading Center6342 Main Street(618) 435-4234
LombardHelen M. Plum Memorial Library110 West Maple Street60148(630) 627-0316
LostantLostant Community Library102 West Third Street61334(815) 368-3530
Loves ParkNorth Suburban Public Library District6340 North Second Street61111(815) 633-4247
LovingtonLovington Public Library District110 West State Street61937(217) 873-4468
LyonsLyons Public Library4209 Joliet Avenue60534(708) 447-3577
MackinawMackinaw District Public Library117 South Main Street61755(309) 359-8022
MacombMacomb Public Library District235 South Lafayette Street61455(309) 833-2714
MaconSouth Macon Public Library District451 West Glenn Street62544(217) 764-3356
MadisonMadison Public Library1700 Fifth Street62060(618) 876-8448
MagnoliaMagnolia Branch114 N. Chicago Street(815) 869-3038
MahometMahomet Public Library District512 East Main Street61853(217) 586-2611
MaltaMalta Township Public Library203 East Adams60150(815) 825-2525
ManhattanManhattan Public Library District240 Whitson Street60442(815) 478-3987
ManitoForman Valley Public Library District404 1-2 South Harrison Street61546(309) 968-6093
ManitoManito Public Library District404 1-2 S. Harrison(309) 968-6093
MansfieldBlue Ridge Township Public Library101 West Oliver Street61854(217) 489-9033
MantenoManteno Public Library District50 West Division Street60950(815) 468-3323
Maple ParkMaple Park Public Library District302 Willow Street60151(815) 827-3362
MaquonMaquon Public Library District210 Main Street61458(309) 875-3573
MarengoMarengo-Union Library District19714 E. Grant Highway60152(815) 568-8236
MarineCharles Gravius Memorial Library202 E. Silver St.62061 
MarionCrab Orchard Public Library District20012 Crab Orchard Road62959(618) 982-2141
MarionMarion Carnegie Library206 South Market Street62959(618) 993-5935
MarissaMarissa Area Public Library District212 North Main Street62257(618) 295-2825
MarkhamBradford Anderson Oglesby Public Library16640 South Kedzie Avenue60428(708) 331-0130
MaroaMaroa Public Library District305 East Garfield Street61756(217) 794-5111
Marquette HeightsMarquette Heights Public Library715 Lincoln Road61554(309) 382-3778
MarseillesMarseilles Public Library155 East Bluff Street61341(815) 795-4437
MarshallMarshall Public Library612 Archer Avenue62441(217) 826-2535
MarshallMarshall Public Library612 Archer Avenue(217) 826-2535
MartinsvilleMartinsville Public Library District120 East Cumberland Street62442(217) 382-4113
MaryvilleMaryville Community Library District8 Schiber Court62062(618) 288-3801
MascoutahMascoutah Public Library3 West Church Street62258(618) 566-2562
Mason CityMason City Public Library District820 West Chestnut Street62664(217) 482-3799
MathervilleMatherville Branch1376 252nd Street(309) 754-8244
MattesonMatteson Public Library801 South School Avenue60443(708) 748-4431
MattoonMattoon Public Library1600 Charleston Avenue61938(217) 234-2621
MaywoodMaywood Public Library District121 South Fifth Avenue60153(708) 343-1847
MccookMccook Public Library District8419 West 50th Street60525(708) 442-1242
MchenryMchenry Nunda Public Library District813 West Il Route 12060051(815) 385-6303
MchenryMchenry Public Library District809 North Front Street60050(815) 385-0036
McleanMount Hope-Funks Grove Townships Public Library District111 South Hamilton Street61754(309) 874-2291
McleansboroMccoy Memorial Library118 South Washington Street62859(618) 643-2125
McnabbMcnabb Branch Library322. W. Main(815) 882-2378
Melrose ParkMelrose Park Public Library801 North Broadway Street60160(708) 343-3391
MelvinMelvin Public Library102 South Center Street60952(217) 388-2421
MendonFour Star Public Library District132 West South Street62351(217) 936-2131
MendotaGraves-Hume Public Library District1401 West Main Street61342(815) 538-5142
MeredosiaM-C River Valley Public Library District304 Main Street62665(217) 584-1571
MetamoraGermantown Hills Branch101 Warrior Way(309) 383-2263
MetamoraIllinois Prairie District Public Library208 East Partridge Street61548(309) 367-4594
MetropolisMetropolis Public Library317 Metropolis Street62960(618) 524-4312
MidlothianMidlothian Public Library14701 South Kenton Avenue60445(708) 535-2027
MilanCoyne Center Branch11310 16th Street(309) 787-1512
MilfordMilford District Library2 South Grant Avenue60953(815) 889-4722
MilledgevilleMilledgeville Public Library18 West Fifth Street61051(815) 225-7572
MillstadtMillstadt Library115 West Laurel Street62260(618) 476-1887
MineralMineral-Gold Public Library District120 East Main Street61344(309) 288-3971
MinierH.A. Peine District Library202 North Main Street61759(309) 392-3220
MinonkFilger Public Library261 East Fifth Street61760(309) 432-2929
MinookaMinooka Branch109 N Wabena St(815) 467-1600
MokenaMokena Community Public Library District11327 West 195th Street60448(708) 479-9663
MolineMoline Public Library3210 41st Street61265(309) 524-2440
MomenceEdward Chipman Public Library126 North Locust Street60954(815) 472-2581
MonmouthWarren County Public Library District62 Public Square61462(309) 734-3166
MonticelloAllerton Public Library District201 N. State Street61856(217) 762-4676
MorrisMorris Area Public Library District604 Liberty Street60450(815) 942-6880
MorrisonOdell Public Library307 South Madison Street61270(815) 772-7323
MorrisonvilleKitchell Memorial Library300 South East 5th Street62546(217) 526-4553
MortonMorton Public Library District315 West Pershing Street61550(309) 263-2200
Morton GroveMorton Grove Public Library6140 Lincoln Avenue60053(847) 965-4220
Mound CityMound City Public Library224 High Street62963(618) 748-9427
MoundsMounds Public Library418 First Street62964(618) 745-6610
Mount CarmelMount Carmel Public Library727 North Mulberry Street62863(618) 263-3531
Mount CarrollMount Carroll Township Public Library208 North Main Street61053(815) 244-1751
Mount MorrisMount Morris Public Library105 South Mckendrie Avenue61054(815) 734-4927
Mount OliveMount Olive Public Library100 North Plum Street62069(217) 999-7311
Mount ProspectMount Prospect Public Library10 South Emerson Street60056(847) 253-5675
Mount PulaskiMount Pulaski Public Library District320 North Washington Street62548(217) 792-5919
Mount SterlingBrown County Public Library District143 West Main Street62353(217) 773-2013
Mount VernonC.E. Brehm Memorial Public Library District101 South Seventh Street62864(618) 242-6322
Mount ZionMount Zion Public Library District115 West Main Street62549(217) 864-3622
MoweaquaMoweaqua Public Library District600 North Putnam Street62550(217) 768-4700
MoweaquaMoweaqua Public Library District122 North Main St(217) 768-4700
MundeleinFremont Public Library District1170 North Midlothian Road60060(847) 566-8702
MurphysboroSallie Logan Public Library1808 Walnut Street62966(618) 684-3271
Naperville95th Street Library (Nsl)3015 Cedar Glade Dr.(630) 961-4100
NapervilleNaper Boulevard Library2035 S. Naper Blvd.(630) 961-4100
NapervilleNaperville Public Library200 West Jefferson Avenue60540(630) 961-4100
NapervilleNichols Library200 W. Jefferson Ave.(630) 961-4100
NashvilleNashville Public Library219 East Elm Street62263(618) 327-3827
NauvooNauvoo Public Library1270 Mulholland Street62354(217) 453-2707
NeogaNeoga Public Library District550 Chestnut Avenue62447(217) 895-3944
NeponsetNeponset Public Library201 West Commerical Street61345(309) 594-2204
New AthensNew Athens District Library201 North Van Buren Street62264(618) 475-3255
New BadenNew Baden Public Library210 North First Street62265(618) 588-4554
New BerlinWest Sangamon Public Library District103 East Illinois Street62670(217) 488-7733
New LenoxNew Lenox Public Library District120 Veterans Parkway60451(815) 485-2605
New WindsorNew Windsor Public Library District412 Main Street61465(309) 667-2515
NewarkCharles B. Phillips Public Library District6 North Jackson Street60541(815) 695-5851
NewmanNewman Regional Library District108 West Yates Street61942(217) 837-2412
NewtonNewton Public Library District100 South Van Buren Street62448(618) 783-8141
NilesNiles Public Library District6960 Oakton Street60714(847) 663-1234
NokomisNokomis Public Library22 South Cedar Street62075(217) 563-2734
NormalNormal Public Library206 West College Avenue61761(309) 452-1757
Norris CityNorris City Memorial Public Library District603 South Division Street62869(618) 378-3713
North AuroraMessenger Public Library Of North Aurora113 Oak Street60542(630) 896-0240
North ChicagoNorth Chicago Public Library2100 Argonne Drive60064(847) 689-0125
North RiversideNorth Riverside Public Library District2400 South Des Plaines Avenue60546(708) 447-0869
NorthbrookNorthbrook Public Library1201 Cedar Lane60062(847) 272-6224
NorthfieldNorthfield Branch1785 Orchard Lane(847) 446-5990
NorthlakeNorthlake Public Library District231 North Wolf Road60164(708) 562-2301
Oak BrookOak Brook Public Library600 Oak Brook Road60523(630) 368-7700
Oak ForestAcorn Public Library District15624 South Central Avenue60452(708) 687-3700
Oak LawnOak Lawn Public Library9427 South Raymond Avenue60453(708) 422-4990
Oak ParkDole Branch Library255 Augusta(708) 386-9032
Oak ParkMaze Branch Library845 South Gunderson(708) 386-4751
Oak ParkOak Park Public Library834 Lake Street60301(708) 383-8200
OakwoodOakwood Public Library District110 East Finley Street61858(217) 354-4777
OblongOblong Public Library110 East Main Street(618) 592-3001
OdellOdell Public Library District301 East Richard Street60460(815) 998-2012
OfallonOfallon Public Library120 Civic Plaza62269(618) 632-3783
OgdenOgden Rose Public Library103 West Main Street61859(217) 582-2411
OglesbyOglesby Public Library District111 South Woodland Avenue61348(815) 883-3619
OhioOhio Public Library District112 North Main Street61349(815) 376-5422
Olive BranchDodge Memorial Public Library District22440 Railroad Street62969(618) 776-5115
OlmstedOlmsted Public Library160 North Front Street62970(618) 742-8296
OlneyOlney Public Library400 West Main Street62450(618) 392-3711
OnargaOnarga Community Public Library District209 West Seminary Avenue60955(815) 268-7626
OneidaGreig Memorial Library110 South Joy Street61467(309) 483-3482
OneidaOneida Greig Memorial Library110 S. Joy Street(309) 483-3482
OreanaArgenta-Oreana Public Library District211 South Route 4862554(217) 468-2340
OregonOregon Public Library District300 Jefferson Street61061(815) 732-2724
OrionWestern District Library1111 Fourth Street61273(309) 526-8375
Orland ParkOrland Park Public Library14921 South Ravinia Avenue60462(708) 428-5100
OswegoOswego Public Library District32 West Jefferson Street60543(630) 554-3150
OttawaReddick Public Library District1010 Canal Street61350(815) 434-0509
PalatinePalatine Public Library District700 North North Court60067(847) 358-5881
PalatineRand Road Branch1585 Rand Road(847) 202-1194
PalestinePalestine Public Library District116 South Main Street62451(618) 586-5317
Palos HeightsPalos Heights Public Library12501 South 71st Avenue60463(708) 448-1473
Palos HillsGreen Hills Public Library District8611 West 103rd Street60465(708) 598-8446
Palos ParkPalos Park Public Library12330 South Forest Glen Boulevard60464(708) 448-1530
PanaCarnegie-Schuyler Library303 East Second Street62557(217) 562-2326
ParisParis Carnegie Public Library207 South Main Street61944(217) 463-3950
Park ForestPark Forest Public Library400 Lakewood Boulevard60466(708) 748-3731
Park RidgePark Ridge Public Library20 South Prospect Avenue60068(847) 825-3123
PatokaPatoka Public Library210 West Bond Street62875(618) 432-5019
Paw PawPaw Paw Public Library District362 Chicago Road61353(815) 627-9396
PawneePawnee Public Library613 Douglas Street62558(217) 625-7716
PaxtonPaxton Carnegie Library254 South Market Street60957(217) 379-3431
Pearl CityPearl City Public Library District221 South Main Street61062(815) 443-2832
PecatonicaPecatonica Public Library District400 West Eleventh Street61063(815) 239-2616
PekinPekin Public Library301 South Fourth Street61554(309) 347-7111
3001 W. Grand Pkwy.61615(309) 497-2068
Lakeview Branch Library
1137 W. Lake Ave.61614(309) 497-2200
Lincoln Branch Library
1312 W. Lincoln Ave61605(309) 497-2600
McClure Branch Library
315 W. McClure Ave.61604(309) 497-2700
North Branch Library
3001 W. Grand Pkwy.61615(309) 497-2100
PeoriaPeoria Public Library107 NE Monroe Street61602(309) 497-2000
Peoria HeightsPeoria Heights Public Library816 East Glen Avenue61616(309) 682-5578
PeotonePeotone Public Library District515 North First Street60468(708) 258-3436
PercyPercy Reading Center307 West Pine(618) 497-8414
PeruPeru Public Library1409 Eleventh Street61354(815) 223-0229
PetersburgPetersburg Public Library220 South Sixth Street62675(217) 632-2807
PhiloPhilo Public Library District115 East Washington Street61864(217) 684-2896
PinckneyvillePinckneyville Public Library312 South Walnut Street62274(618) 357-2410
Piper CityPiper City Public Library District39 West Main Street60959(815) 686-9234
PittsburgPittsburg Branch Library302 W. Avery St.(618) 997-8111
PittsfieldPittsfield Public Library205 North Memorial Street62363(217) 285-2200
PlainfieldPlainfield Public Library District15025 South Illinois Street60544(815) 436-6639
PlanoPlano Community Library District15 West North Street60545(630) 552-2009
Pleasant PlainsPleasant Plains Branch555 Buckeye Rd(217) 626-1553
PlymouthPlymouth Branch103 Main(309) 458-6616
PoloPolo Public Library District302 West Mason Street61064(815) 946-2713
PontiacPontiac Public Library211 East Madison Street61764(815) 844-7229
Port ByronRiver Valley District Library214 South Main Street61275(309) 523-3440
PrincetonMatson Public Library15 Park Avenue West(815) 875-1331
PrincetonPrinceton Public Library698 East Peru Street61356(815) 875-1331
PrincevilleLillie M. Evans Library District207 North Walnut Avenue61559(309) 385-4540
ProphetstownHenry C. Adams Memorial Library209 West Third Street61277(815) 537-5462
Prospect HeightsProspect Heights Public Library District12 North Elm Street60070(847) 259-3500
PutnamPutnam (Condit) Branch105 W. Center Street(815) 437-2811
QuincyQuincy Public Library526 Jersey Street62301(217) 223-1309
QuincyYork Street Branch639 York Street(217) 592-3679
RamseyRamsey Public Library401 South Superior Street62080(618) 423-2019
RantoulRantoul Public Library106 West Flessner Avenue61866(217) 893-3955
RaymondDoyle Public Library District109 South Obannon Street62560(217) 229-4471
Red BudRed Bud Public Library925 South Main Street62278(618) 282-2255
RichmondNippersink Public Library District5418 Hill Road60071(815) 678-4014
Richton ParkRichton Park Public Library District4045 Sauk Trail60471(708) 481-5333
Ridge FarmElwood Township Carnegie Library104 North State Street61870(217) 247-2820
River ForestRiver Forest Public Library735 Lathrop Avenue60305(708) 366-5205
River GroveRiver Grove Public Library District8638 West Grand Avenue60171(708) 453-4484
RiverdaleRiverdale Public Library District208 West 144th Street60827(708) 841-3311
RiversideRiverside Public Library1 Burling Road60546(708) 442-6366
RivertonRiverton Village Library1200 East Riverton Road62561(217) 629-6353
RoanokeRoanoke Branch123 East Broad Street(309) 923-7686
RobbinsWilliam Leonard Public Library District13820 Central Park Avenue60472(708) 597-2760
RobinsonRobinson Public Library District606 North Jefferson Street62454(618) 544-2917
RochelleFlagg-Rochelle Public Library District619 Fourth Avenue61068(815) 562-3431
RochesterRochester Public Library District1 Community Drive62563(217) 498-8454
Rock FallsRock Falls Public Library District1007 Seventh Avenue61071(815) 626-3958
Rock IslandRock Island 30-31 Branch3059 30th Street(309) 732-7369
Rock IslandRock Island Public Library401 Nineteenth Street61201(309) 732-7323
Rock IslandRock Island Southwest Branch9010 Ridgewood Road(309) 732-7338
RockfordLewis Lemon Branch1988 West Jefferson Street(815) 962-4767
RockfordMontague Branch1238 South Winnebago Street(815) 965-1912
RockfordNortheast Branch320 North Alpine Road(815) 226-1533
RockfordRock River Branch3128 11th Street(815) 398-7514
RockfordRockford Public Library215 North Wyman Street61101(815) 965-7606
RockfordRockton Centre Branch3114 North Rockton Avenue(815) 963-5617
RocktonTalcott Free Library District101 East Main Street61072(815) 624-7511
Rolling MeadowsBiblioteca Del Centro2268 Algonquin Road(847) 506-2060
Rolling MeadowsRolling Meadows Library3110 Martin Lane60008(847) 259-6050
RomeovilleRomeoville Branch Library201 West Normantown Road(815) 886-2030
RoodhouseRoodhouse Public Library220 West Franklin Street62082(217) 589-5123
RoscoeNorth Suburban Library-Roscoe5562 Cayton Circle(815) 623-6266
RoselleRoselle Public Library District40 South Park Street60172(630) 529-1641
RosevilleRoseville Branch Library145 West Penn(309) 426-2336
RosiclareRosiclare Memorial Public Librarypo box 1062982(618) 285-6213
Round LakeRound Lake Area Public Library District906 Hart Road60073(847) 546-7060
RoxanaRoxana Public Library District200 North Central Avenue62084(618) 254-6713
RoyaltonRoyalton Public Library District305 South Dean Street62983(618) 984-4463
RushvilleRushville Public Library104 North Monroe Street62681(217) 322-3030
Saint CharlesSaint Charles Public Library District60174(630) 584-0076
Saint ElmoSt. Elmo Public Library District311 West Cumberland Road62458(618) 829-5544
Saint JosephSt. Joseph Township-Swearingen Memorial Library201 North Third Street61873(217) 469-2159
SalemBryan-Bennett Library217 West Main Street62881(618) 548-3006
SandovalSandoval Branch Library101 N. Broadway(618) 247-3873
SandwichSandwich District Library107 East Center Street60548(815) 786-8308
Sauk VillageNancy L. Mcconathy Public Library District21737 Jeffrey Avenue60411(708) 757-4771
SavannaSavanna Public Library District326 Third Street61074(815) 273-3714
SaybrookCheneys Grove Township Library204 South State Street61770(309) 475-6131
SchaumburgSchaumburg Township District Library130 South Roselle Road60193(847) 985-4000
Schiller ParkSchiller Park Public Library4200 Old River Road60176(847) 678-0433
SeatonSeaton Public Library District201 Maple Street61476(309) 586-5341
SenecaSeneca Public Library District210 North Main Street61360(815) 357-6566
SesserSesser Public Library303 West Franklin Street62884(618) 625-6566
ShabbonaFlewellin Memorial Library108 West Comanche60550(815) 824-2079
ShawneetownShawneetown Public Library320 North Lincoln Boulevard62984(618) 269-3761
SheffieldSheffield Public Library136 East Cook Street61361(815) 454-2628
ShelbyvilleShelbyville Public Library154 North Broadway Street62565(217) 774-4432
SheldonSheldon Public Library District125 North Fifth Street60966(815) 429-3521
SheridanRobert W. Rowe Public Library District120 East Si Johnson Avenue60551(815) 496-2031
ShermanSherman Public Library District2100 East Andrew Road62684(217) 496-2496
SherrardSherrard Public Library District200 Fifth Avenue61281(309) 593-2178
ShorewoodShorewood-Troy Public Library District650 Deerwood Drive60404(815) 725-1715
SidellSidell District Library101 East Market Street61876(217) 288-9031
SidneySidney Community Library221 South David Street61877(217) 688-2332
SilvisSilvis Public Library105 Eighth Street61282(309) 755-3393
SkokieSkokie Public Library5215 Oakton Street60077(847) 673-7774
SmithtonSmithton Public Library District109 South Main Street62285(618) 233-8057
SomonaukSomonauk Public Library District115 East Dekalb Street60552(815) 498-2440
South BeloitSouth Beloit Public Library630 Blackhawk Boulevard61080(815) 389-2495
South HollandSouth Holland Public Library16250 Wausau Avenue60473(708) 331-5262
South PekinSouth Pekin Library208 Main Street61564(309) 348-2446
SpartaSparta Public Library211 West Broadway62286(618) 443-5014
Spring ValleyRichard A. Mautino Memorial Library215 East Cleveland Street61362(815) 663-4741
SpringfieldLincoln Library326 South Seventh Street62701(217) 753-4900
St. CharlesSt. Charles Public Library District1 South Sixth Ave.(630) 584-0076
StandardStandard Branch128 First Street(815) 339-2471
StanfordAllin Township Library116 West Main Street61774(309) 379-4631
StauntonStaunton Public Library306 West Main Street62088(618) 635-3852
SteelevilleSteeleville Area Public Library District625 South Sparta Street62288(618) 965-9732
StegerSteger-South Chicago Heights Public Library District54 East 31st Street60475(708) 755-5040
SterlingSterling Public Library102 West Third Street61081(815) 625-1370
StickneyStickney-Forest View Public Library District6800 West 43rd Street60402(708) 749-1050
Stillman ValleyJulia Hull District Library100 Library Lane61084(815) 645-8611
StocktonStockton Township Public Library140 West Benton Avenue61085(815) 947-2030
StoningtonStonington Township Public Library500 East North Street62567(217) 325-3512
StreamwoodPoplar Creek Public Library District1405 South Park Avenue60107(630) 837-6800
StreatorStreator Public Library130 South Park Street61364(815) 672-2729
Sugar GroveSugar Grove Public Library District54 Snow Street60554(630) 466-4686
SullivanElizabeth Titus Memorial Library2 West Water Street61951(217) 728-7221
SummitSummit Public Library District6233 South Archer Road60501(708) 458-1545
SycamoreSycamore Public Library103 East State Street60178(815) 895-2500
TaylorvilleTaylorville Public Library121 West Vine Street62568(217) 824-4736
ThomsonYork Township Public Library1005 West Main Street61285(815) 259-2480
ThorntonThornton Public Library115 East Margaret Street60476(708) 877-2579
TildenTilden Public Library540 Pine Street62292(618) 587-2401
Tinley ParkTinley Park Public Library7851 Timber Drive60477(708) 532-0160
TiskilwaTiskilwa Public Library119 East Main Street61368(815) 646-4511
ToledoSumpter Township Library408 Courthouse Square62468(217) 849-2072
TolonoTolono Public Library District111 East Main Street61880(217) 485-5558
TolucaToluca Public Library District102 North Main Street61369(815) 452-2211
ToulonToulon Public Library District306 West Jefferson Street61483(309) 286-5791
TowandaTowanda District Library301 South Taylor Street61776(309) 728-2176
TremontTremont District Library215 South Sampson Street61568(309) 925-5432
TrentonTrenton Public Library118 East Indiana Street62293(618) 224-7662
TrentonTrenton Public Library118 East Indiana Street(618) 224-7662
TroyTri-Township Public Library District209 South Main Street62294(618) 667-2133
TuscolaTuscola Public Library112 East Sale Street61953(217) 253-3812
University ParkUniversity Park Public Library District1100 Blackhawk Drive60466(708) 534-2580
UrbanaUrbana Free Library210 West Green Street61801(217) 367-4057
UticaUtica Public Library Districtpo box 36761373(815) 667-4509
ValmeyerValmeyer Public Library District300 South Cedar Bluff Drive62295(618) 935-2626
VandaliaEvans Public Library District215 South Fifth Street62471(618) 283-2824
VeniceVenice Public Library325 Broadway Avenue62090(618) 877-1330
VermilionPotomac Public Library110 East State Street61865(217) 987-6457
VermontVermont Public Librarypo box 19961484(309) 784-6291
Vernon HillsEvergreen Interim Library290 Evergreen Dr.(847) 362-2330
VersaillesVersailles Branch Library112 West 2nd Street(217) 225-3102
VictoriaVictoria Public Library District227 East Main Street61485(309) 879-2295
ViennaVienna Carnegie Public Library401 Poplar Street62995(618) 658-5051
Villa GroveCamargo Township District Library14 North Main Street61956(217) 832-5211
Villa ParkVilla Park Public Library305 South Ardmore Avenue60181(630) 834-1164
ViolaViola Public Library District1705 Fourteenth Street61486(309) 596-2620
VirdenGrand Prairie Of The West Public Library District142 West Jackson Street62690(217) 965-3015
VirginiaVirginia Memorial Public Library100 North Main Street62691(217) 452-3846
WalnutWalnut Public Library District101 Heaton61376(815) 379-2159
WarrenWarren Township Public Library210 Burnett Avenue61087(815) 745-2076
WarrensburgBarclay Public Library District220 South Main Street62573(217) 672-3621
WarrenvilleWarrenville Public Library District28w751 Stafford Place60555(630) 393-1171
WarsawWarsaw Public Library1025 Webster Street62379(217) 256-3417
WashburnWashburn Branch102 West Magnolia(309) 248-7429
WashingtonSunnyland Branch1 Sunnyland Plaza(309) 745-3023
WashingtonWashington District Library380 North Wilmor Road61571(309) 444-2241
Washington ParkWashington Park Public Library5103 Bunkum Road 262204(618) 271-5103
WaterlooMorrison-Talbott Library215 Park Street62298(618) 939-6232
WatermanClinton Township Public Library110 South Elm Street60556(815) 264-3339
WatsekaWatseka Public Library201 South 4th Street60970(815) 432-4544
WaucondaWauconda Area Public Library District801 North Main Street60084(847) 526-6225
WaukeganWaukegan Public Library128 North County Street60085(847) 623-2041
WaverlyWaverly Public Library291 North Pearl Street62692(217) 435-2051
Wayne CityWayne City Public Library103 East Mill Street62895(618) 895-2661
WaynesvilleWaynesville Township Library303 East Second Street61778(217) 949-5111
WeldonWeldon Public Library District505 Maple Street61882(217) 736-2215
WenonaBond Public Library208 South Chestnut Street61377(815) 853-4665
West ChicagoWest Chicago Public Library District118 West Washington Street60185(630) 231-1552
West FrankfortWest Frankfort Public Library402 East Poplar Street62896(618) 932-3313
West SalemWest Salem Public Library112 West South Street62476(618) 456-8970
West UnionWest Union District Library209 West Union Street62477(217) 279-3556
WestchesterWestchester Public Library10700 Canterbury Street60154(708) 562-3573
Western SpringsThomas Ford Memorial Library800 Chestnut Street60558(708) 246-0520
WestmontWestmont Public Library428 North Cass Avenue60559(630) 969-5625
WestvilleWestville Public Library District233 South State Street61883(217) 267-3170
WheatonWheaton Public Library225 North Cross Street60187(630) 668-1374
WheelingIndian Trails Public Library District355 South Schoenbeck Road60090(847) 459-4100
White HallWhite Hall Township Library119 East Sherman Street62092(217) 374-6014
WilliamsfieldWilliamsfield Public Library District111 West Gale Street61489(309) 639-2630
WilliamsvilleWilliamsville Public Library and Museum217 N. Elm Street62693(217) 566-3520
WillisvilleWillisville Village Library803 Broadway Street62997(618) 497-2422
WilmetteWilmette Public Library District1242 Wilmette Avenue60091(847) 256-5025
WilmingtonWilmington Public Library District201 South Kankakee Street60481(815) 476-2834
WinchesterWinchester Public Library215 North Main Street62694(217) 742-3150
WindsorWindsor Storm Memorial Public Library District102 South Maple Street61957(217) 459-2498
WinfieldWinfield Public Library60190(630) 653-7599
WinnebagoWinnebago Public Library District210 North Elida Street61088(815) 335-7050
WinnetkaWinnetka-Northfield Public Library District768 Oak Street60093(847) 446-7220
WittWitt Township Memorial Library18 North Second Street62094(217) 594-7333
Wolf LakeWolf Lake Branch Library4720 State Rt. 3 North(618) 833-4923
Wood DaleWood Dale Public Library District520 North Wood Dale Road60191(630) 766-6762
Wood RiverWood River Public Library326 East Ferguson Avenue62095(618) 254-4832
WoodhullClover Public Library District440 North Division Street61490(309) 334-2680
WoodridgeWoodridge Public Library3 Plaza Drive60517(630) 964-7899
WoodstockWoodstock Public Library414 West Judd Street60098(815) 338-0542
WordenWorden Public Library District111 East Wall Street62097(618) 459-7171
WorthWorth Public Library District6917 West 111th Street60482(708) 448-2855
WyanetRaymond A. Sapp Memorial Township Library103 East Main Street61379(815) 699-2342
WyomingWyoming Public Library District119 North Seventh Street61491(309) 695-2241
Yates CitySalem Township Public Library District115 West Main Street61572(309) 358-1678
YorkvilleYorkville Public Library902 Game Farm Road60560(630) 553-4354
ZeiglerZeigler Public Library102 East Maryland Street62999(618) 596-2041
ZionZion-Benton Public Library District2400 Gabriel Avenue60099(847) 872-4680