WashingtonAnacostia Neighborhood Library1800 Good Hope Road, Se20020(202) 698-1190
WashingtonCapitol View Neighborhood Library5001 Central Avenue, Se20019(202) 645-0755
WashingtonChevy Chase Neighborhood Library5625 Connecticut Avenue, Nw20015(202) 282-0021
WashingtonCleveland Park Neighborhood Library3310 Connecticut Avenue, Nw20008(202) 282-3080
WashingtonDeanwood Neighborhood Library4215 Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, Ne20019(202) 724-8526
WashingtonDistrict Of Columbia Public Library901 G Street, N.W. (Room 400)20001(202) 727-1101
WashingtonDorothy I. Height-Benning Neighborhood Library3935 Benning Road, Ne20019(202) 724-4787
WashingtonFrancis A. Gregory Interim Library3660 Alabama Avenue, Se20020(202) 645-4297
WashingtonGeorgetown Neighborhood Library3260 R Street, Nw20007(202) 282-0220
WashingtonJuanita E. Thornton – Shepherd Park7420 Georgia Avenue, Nw20012(202) 541-6100
WashingtonLamond-Riggs Neighborhood Library5401 South Dakota Avenue, Ne20011(202) 541-6255
WashingtonMartin Luther King Jr. Memorial901 G Street, Nw20001(202) 727-1111
WashingtonMt. Pleasant Interim Library3160 16th Street, Nw20010(202) 671-0200
WashingtonNortheast Neighborhood Library330 7th Street, Ne20002(202) 698-3320
WashingtonPalisades Neighborhood Library4901 V Street, Nw20001(202) 282-3139
WashingtonParklands-Turner Neighborhood Library1700 Alabama Avenue, Se20007(202) 698-1103
WashingtonPetworth Neighborhood Library4200 Kansas Avenue, Nw20011(202) 541-6300
WashingtonSoutheast Neighborhood Library403 7th Street, Se20003(202) 698-3374
WashingtonSouthwest Neighborhood Library900 Wesley Place, Sw20024(202) 724-4752
WashingtonTakoma Park Neighborhood Library416 Cedar Street, Nw20012(202) 576-7252
WashingtonTenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library4450 Wisconsin Avenue, Nw20016(202) 282-3090
WashingtonWashington Highlands Interim Library115 Atlantic Street, Sw20032(202) 645-5880
WashingtonWatha T. Daniel-Shaw Neighborhood Library1630 7th St. N.W.20001(202) 727-1288
WashingtonWest End Neighborhood Library1101 24th Street, Nw20001(202) 724-8707
WashingtonWoodridge Neighborhood Library1801 Hamlin Street, Ne20018(202) 541-6226

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