City Library Address Zip Phone
AkiachakAkiachak School-Community Library1 Main Street99551(907) 825-3600
AkiakAkiak School-Community Library1 Kilbuck Road99552(907) 765-4631
Anaktuvuk PassNunamiut School-Community Library114 Illinois Avenue(907) 661-3226
Anchor PointAnchor Point Public Library72551 Milo Fritz Avenue99556(907) 235-5692
AnchorageAnchorage Public Library3600 Denali Street99503(907) 343-2975
AnchorageMountain View Branch Library150 South Bragaw Street99504(907) 272-8467
AnchorageMuldoon Branch Library5530 East Northern Lights Boulevard99504(907) 338-4590
AnchorageSamson-Dimond Branch Library800 East Dimond Boulevard, Suite 2399515(907) 343-4051
AnchorageZ. J. Loussac Library3600 Denali Street99503(907) 343-2983
AndersonAnderson Village Library101 First Street99744(907) 582-2628
AniakAniak Public Library270 Riverfront Drive99557(907) 675-4435
AnvikAnvik Community-School Library1 Airport Road99558(907) 663-6348
AnvikBlackwell Community-School Library1 Airport Road99558(907) 663-6348
AtqasukMeade River School-Community Library4001 Kippi Street99791(907) 633-6315
BarrowTuzzy Consortium Library5421 North Star Street99723(907) 852-4050
BethelKuskokwim Consortium Library420 State Highway99559(907) 543-4516
Big LakeBig Lake Public Library3140 South Big Lake Road99652(907) 892-6475
CantwellCantwell Community Library1 School Road99729(907) 768-2372
ChiniakChiniak Public Library43318 Spruce Way99615(907) 486-3022
Coffman CoveCoffman Cove Community Library106 Denali Alley99918(907) 329-2233
Cold BayCold Bay Public Library10 Baranov Street99571(907) 532-2878
Cooper LandingCooper Landing Community Libraryp.o. box 51799572(907) 595-1241
CordovaCordova Public Library622 First Street99574(907) 424-6667
CraigCraig Public Library504 Third Street99921(907) 826-3281
DeeringIpnatchiaq Library59 Main Street99736(907) 363-2136
Delta JunctionDelta Community Library2291 Deborah Street99737(907) 895-4102
DillinghamDillingham Public Library306 D Street West99576(907) 842-5610
DouglasJuneau Public Libraries – Douglas Branch1016 3rd Street99824(907) 364-2378
EagleEagle Public Library2nd Amundsen99738(907) 547-2334
Eagle RiverChugiak-Eagle River Branch Library12400 Old Glenn Highway99577(907) 694-5284
EgegikEgegik Village Library289 Airport Way99579(907) 233-2211
ElimErnest Nylin Memorial Library50 Elim Loop99739(907) 890-3501
FairbanksFairbanks North Star Borough Public Library1215 Cowles Street99701(907) 459-1020
False PassFalse Pass Public Library182 Unimak Drive99583(907) 548-2233
GalenaCharles Evans Community-School Library299 Antoski Drive99741(907) 656-2489
GirdwoodGerrish (Girdwood) Branch Library250 Egloff Drive99587(907) 343-4024
GirdwoodScott And Wesley Gerrish Branch Library169 Hightower Street(907) 783-2106
GlennallenCopper Valley Community Libraryp.o. box 17399588(907) 822-5427
GraylingGrayling Community-School Libraryp.o. box 9099590(907) 453-5135
GustavusGustavus Public Library14 Gustavus Road99826(907) 697-2350
HainesHaines Borough Public Library111 Third Avenue South99827(907) 766-2545
HealyTri-Valley Community Library400 Suntrana Street99743(907) 683-2507
HollisHollis Public Libraryp.o. box 599950(907) 530-7112
Holy CrossHoly Cross Community-School Library210 Trailway Street99602(907) 476-7131
HomerHomer Public Library500 Hazel Avenue99603(907) 235-3180
HoonahEsther Greenwald Library366 Garteeni Highway99829(907) 945-3611
HopeHope Public Library18487 A Avenue99605(907) 782-3121
HyderHyder Public Library50 Main Street99923(250) 636-9148
IgiugigIgiugig Tribal Library1 Airport Road99613(907) 533-3211
JuneauJuneau Public Libraries – Downtown Branch Library292 Marine Way99801(907) 586-5249
JuneauJuneau Public Libraries – Valley Branch Library9105 Mendenhall Mall Road, 13499801(907) 789-0125
KaktovikHarold Kaveolook School-Community Library2001 Barter Avenue99747(907) 640-6626
KasilofKasilof Public Library58200 Sterling Highway99610(907) 252-4097
KenaiKenai Community Library163 Main Street Loop99611(907) 283-4378
Kenny LakeKenny Lake Public Libraryhc60 box 22399573(907) 822-3015
KetchikanKetchikan Public Library629 Dock Street99901(907) 225-3331
KlawockKlawock Public Library615 North Park Street99925(907) 755-2261
KodiakA. Holmes Johnson Memorial Library319 Lower Mill Bay Road99615(907) 486-8688
KotzebueChukchi Consortium Library604 Third Street99752(907) 442-2410
KoyukKoyuk Public Libraryp.o. box 5306999753(907) 963-3441
Lake MinLake Minchumina Community Library123 Airport Way99757(907) 674-3211
McgrathMcgrath Community School Libraryp.o. box 24999627(907) 524-3843
MetlakatlaCentennial Library4th Milton Street99926(907) 886-6015
Moose PassMoose Pass Public Library200 Depot Road99631(907) 288-3111
Mountain VillageMountain Village Public Library1 Saint Marys Highway99632(907) 591-2970
NaknekMartin Monsen Regional Library101 Main Street99633(907) 246-4465
NenanaNenana Public Library201 East Second Street99760(907) 832-5812
NikolaiNikolai Community-School Libraryp.o. box 919099691(907) 293-2427
NinilchikNinilchik Community Library15850 Sterling Highway99639(907) 567-3333
NomeKegoayah Kozga Library223 Front Street99762(907) 443-6628
North PoleNorth Pole Branch Library601 Snowman Lane99705(907) 488-6101
NorthwayNorthway Community-School Libraryp.o. box 49699764(907) 778-2287
NuiqsutNuiqsut Trapper School-Community Library3310 3rd Avenue99789(907) 480-6712
OuzinkieOuzinkie Tribal Media Center130 Third Street99644(907) 680-2323
PalmerPalmer Public Library655 South Valley Way99645(907) 745-4690
PelicanPelican Public Library166 Salmon Way99832(907) 735-2500
PetersburgPetersburg Public Library12 South Nordic Drive99833(907) 772-3349
Pilot PointPilot Point Tribal Library2200 Main Street99649(907) 797-2208
Point HopeTikigak School-Community Library1837 Tikigak Avenue99766(907) 368-2662
Point LayKali School-Community Library1029 Ugruk Avenye99759(907) 833-2311
Port LionsJessie Wakefield Memorial Library207 Spruce Drive99550(907) 454-2288
RubyRuby Community Library10 Bobby Kennedy Sr. Way99768(907) 468-4432
Russian MissionRussian Mission Community-School Library2 School Drive99657(907) 584-5111
Saint PaulSt. Paul Island School-Community Library930 Tolstol Boulevard99660(907) 546-3324
Sand PointSand Point Community-School Library123 Red Cove Road99661(907) 383-2393
Scammon BayScammon Bay Public Library101 Askinuk Street99662(907) 558-5400
SelawikSelawik Davis Community-School Library119 Tundra Drive99770(907) 484-2142
SeldoviaSeldovia Public Library260 Seldovia Street99663(907) 234-7662
SewardSeward Community Library238 5th Avenue99664(907) 224-4008
ShagelukInnoko River Community-School Library101 Pine Street99665(907) 473-8206
SitkaKettleson Memorial Library320 Harbor Drive99835(907) 747-4021
SkagwaySkagway Public Library769 State Street99840(907) 983-2665
SoldotnaSoldotna Public Library235 North Binkley Street99669(907) 262-4227
South NaknekSouth Naknek Branch Library1 School Road99670(907) 246-6513
St. GeorgeSt. George Island School-Community Libraryp.o. box 90599591(907) 546-3324
SuttonSutton Public Library11317 North Jonesville Mine Road99674(907) 745-4467
SuttonSutton Public Library11317 N Jonesville Mine Rd99674(907) 745-4467
TakotnaTakotna Community Libraryp.o. box 752999675(907) 298-2212
TalkeetnaTalkeetna Public Library23151 South Talkeetna Spur Road99676(907) 733-2359
TananaTanana Community-School Library89 Front Street99777(907) 366-7211
Tenakee SpringsDermott Otoole Memorial Library707 West Tenakee Avenue99841(907) 736-2248
Thorne BayThorne Bay Public Library120 Freeman Drive99919(907) 828-3303
TogiakTogiak Public Library And Cultural Centerp.o. box 35399678(907) 493-5566
TokTok Community Libraryp.o. box 22799780(907) 883-5623
Trapper CreekTrapper Creek Public Library8901 East Devonshire Drive99683(907) 733-1546
TuluksakTuluksak School-Community Libraryp.o. box 11599679(907) 695-5636
UnalaskaUnalaska Public Library63 Eleanor Drive99685(907) 581-5060
ValdezValdez Consortium Library212 Fairbanks Street99686(907) 835-4632
WainwrightAlak Community-School Library567 Main Street99782(907) 763-2541
WasillaBig Lake Public Library3212 South Big Lake Road99654(907) 892-6475
WasillaWasilla Public Library391 North Main Street99654(907) 376-5913
Whale PassWhale Pass Community wwp99950(907) 846-5226
White MountainNaqiaksrat Libraryp.o. box 13099784(907) 638-3411
WillowWillow Public Library23557 West Willow Community Center99688(907) 495-7323
WrangellIrene Ingle Public Library124 Second Avenue99929(907) 874-3535

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