The Big Read 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada, August 2018 — The 1000 Books Foundation is proud to announce that The Big Read™ has been scheduled for October 2, 2018. We encourage all parents/caregivers to participate in this one-day online event. One Day. One Book.

What is The Big Read?

The Big Read 2018 is our annual one-day, online event to help kick-start early childhood literacy. We simply ask all parents and caregivers to read one book to their child on that day.

What is the goal?

This is a worldwide campaign developed by the 1000 Books Foundation, a Nevada-based 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, in partnership with other non-profit partners. The goal of #TheBigRead2018 is to promote the importance of early childhood literacy and encourage all parents and caregivers to read with their children.

Why should I care about The Big Read 2018?

Numerous studies have shown that parents who expose children to early language and literacy, create a bond that teaches vocabulary, introduces the connection between pictures and words, and promotes quality time spent with the people they love the most.  This reinforces your role as your child’s first teacher.  Parents and caregivers provide “early readers” the opportunity to have a head start which strengthens their confidence to succeed.

How do I get involved?

It’s very simple, on October 2, 2018;

  1. Read a book to your child.
  2. Take a picture and use the hashtag #TheBigRead2018 to post your involvement on social media (e.g, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Snapchat, etc.)
  3. **Optional ** Donate $1.00 to the 1000 Books Foundation. This tax deductible donation is not mandatory to participate, however, it allows us to continue to innovate, grow and inspire children all over the world.

If you or your organization want to get further involved with #TheBigRead2018, please email Mrs. Jerrice Moore;

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Special thank you to our friends at Axel fka StoAmigo for sponsoring and making 1000 Books Before Kindergarten: A Promise and A Pledge a FREE EBOOK (viewable and readable) now through October 31, 2018.

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